Blogger Spotlight: Ashley from the Bookish Brunette


This week’s spotlight is pretty special. Ashley is one of my favorite peeps on Twitter, and certainly a fave blogger. Really. I probably can’t say enough great things about her or her blog. Her blog is almost as kick-ass as she is, which is saying something. You’re going to love her, folks. That said, pay attention, fellow authors. Ashely is offering some spot-on advice here.

Name: Well it depends on who’s talking to me really… *grins* No, no! Okay, my name is Ashley. (aka: The most awesome chick E-ver)

Your blog name: The Bookish Brunette. (it’s totally rocksauce… mixed with zombies, coffee and stilettos dude!)


Genres read: I read YA, horror, dystopian, fantasy, adult, romance, contemporary, ZOMBIES (They’re my fav! Did you know?) and I even read erotica if the mood strikes! I’m very eclectically fabulous like that! I don’t read religious type/preachy books, they’re not my thing and I don’t LOVE mysteries… but I do not hate them either. 😀

Preferred submission type: Hmmm… Well, I prefer email. Maybe I don’t understand the question. I should start having authors send me smoke signals! (ebooks are cool, then).

Do you read/review indie books? Uuuuh SHHHYEA I do! Some of my favorite books ever written are indie books!!!

What you’d like to read more of: Zombies and contemporary YA romance and possibly faeries! Yes… I’m a MESS!

What I see too much of:

  1. Freaking vamps. Gah!
  2. Love triangles. Now I love a GOOD love triangle… but a forced one- No good!
  3. Insta-love. Well, I’m torn. Because I have a love/hate relationship with it!

What an author should and should not do when contacting me:

Oh dear… how much time do you have? LOL

  1. DO NOT say to me, “I know you’ll love my book.”
  2. DON’T address an email, “Dear Blogger”
  3. DON’T insult me or my blog.
  4. DO NOT assume that I’m going to review your book. ASK ME to review it.
  5. DO NOT ask me to review your book on Twitter. UNLESS you know FOR A FACT that I desperately want to read it beforehand. i.e.: you saw it on my Goodreads wishlist, or blog post, or saw me TWEETING about it!


  2. Send me your BOOK COVER.
  3. Send me LINKS. To EVERYTHING.
  4. Send me your synopsis.
  5. MAKE me WANT to read your book.
  6. MAKE me REMEMBER you.

Biggest author or fellow blogger turn-off:

Hmmm… well I don’t really have many. My MAIN one is DRAMA. I don’t deal with it- and I don’t want to be a part of it! 🙂


17 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight: Ashley from the Bookish Brunette

  1. OMG!! I sick soooo bad! Do you know I even had an ‘alert’ to REMIND me this was going up today… and I still totally forgot!

    You should put an amendment in the post:

    BB will and DOES forget EVERYTHING. She doesn’t mind an occassional (or six) reminder emails…

    Thanks for having me on doll!! 🙂

    • Trust me. Even with a calendar and a smart phone, there are days when I just lose enormous amounts of time.

  2. Another great blogger interview, Michelle. Great responses, Ashley. Your enthusiasm is infectious, although you have made me shelve my vampire, love-triangle mystery, where the main characters fall in love during the first paragraph 😦 I tried smoke signal submission, but was evicted by the local council. I will go e-mail in the future – defo. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, such a great idea, Michelle and thanks again for sharing your insights Ashley 🙂

    • Well DON’T shelve something bc of ME!!!

      I said insta-love is OKAY if it’s GOOD!! So if you think it’s BAD, maybe you should rethink it, if you think it’s ROCKSAUCE then screw what I said dude!!!


    • I’ll agree with Ashley here and mention what Stephen King once said (I may not remember his exact words, but this is close): Does the world need another vampire story? No. Does it need an original one from your point of view? Maybe.
      Write the story in your heart. But, for those who are writing love triangles only because they think that’s what everyone wants? Don’t. Just. Don’t.

      When I was querying agents, I had to take a look at each agent and see if they repped or were interested in YA, and more specifically, paranormal/UF. Even some of them said they weren’t looking for romance or love triangles or sci-fi or light-hearted… so, I didn’t query those agents. I cannot stress enough that querying bloggers is EXACTLY like querying agents. <— can I underline this a million times and make it 60pt bold? (Yes, it means we need to be just as polite and professional.) But just because my story doesn't look like a fit for one doesn't mean it's not perfect for another.

      The point is, if you know a few bloggers who don't like romance or zombies or scary space clown love triangles (and you've written just that), then don't query that blogger. There are others who will love it.

      Write the story in your heart. Always. Never write a love triangle or vampire or zombie or contemporary, or whatever only because you think that's what will sell. But, I repeat: write the story in your heart. If you love it, someone else will, too.

      And somehow, I think Ashley will forgive me for not writing a zombie book, right Ashley? 🙂 I'll still politely and professionally query her with future books that I think might be a good fit for her.

      • Right?! I WISH authors would pay more attention to my “I DO NOT READ THIS…” list. Lol

        But the problem is, “OMG! What if that’s the BEST freaking alien book EVER written and it’s totally going to change my mind about aliens FOREVER?” you know? I’m such a mess!

  3. I loved the interview! Especially with what authors should do! I love it when they leave the covers because then I don’t have to scour all over the world to see what it looks like =)

    • I think it’s an excellent idea. Note to authors: when querying bloggers, insert a modest-sized cover (not a huge email-consuming pic, but a nice, easily viewable one), along with the book description (as it appears on Amazon, B&N, etc.).

      Oh, and query with only ONE book at a time. 🙂 <— my two cents.

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