The Indie 400: Amy Maurer Jones

Amy Maurer Jones

Hi guys! Welcome back. This is the second edition of The Indie 400. This week’s guest is Amy Maurer Jones and her upcoming YA Paranormal romance novel, WILDFLOWER, expected to be released in early June.

Amy, what drives you as a writer?

I’m a school teacher and I use reading and writing as a source of stress relief. It also allows me to challenge myself creatively and provides a much needed change of pace. I write YA AND I teach at the high school level. My students are often a great inspiration to my writing. They have so many different personalities and interests. Their lives are simple and vastly complicated simultaneously and they make terrific subject matter.

The 400:



Tuesday at school Jordan attempted to apologize to me for what happened at the movies.

“I am so sorry for what happened, Laney! God, please don’t think I’m this monster you’ve dreamed me up to be.  This was all Gracie’s doing, I promise.”  Jordan attempted to reassure me.

“Yeah, but what did you do about it?” I raised an eyebrow in challenge.

I paused for effect and to give him one more chance to explain his passiveness towards Gracie’s supposed evil prank that he claimed to be entirely in the dark about.

“I did not know she was going to do that! And then, after it happened, I was so shocked and embarrassed… I didn’t know what to do and I handled the situation badly. I’m sorry, really!” he persisted.

“But, you went to Steven’s party with her after you took me home?” I struggled to understand his explanation.

“I had every intention of inviting you to the party after the movie, but then Gracie avalanched her Sprite into your lap and killed the deal. I was so mad at her! I finally had the nerve to ask you out. You actually agreed and our date turned out to be a total disaster!” I had to shrug in agreement. Jordan breathed a heavy, exasperated sigh. “Gracie just showed up at the party. I didn’t invite her or bring her, but it’s not like I could ignore her once she was there.  You know how she is.” he finished knowingly.

Gracie is a very popular and influential girl at Plymouth North High and she had clearly expressed her disapproval of Jordan’s interest in me. Going against her wishes would have warranted Jordan some very unpleasant consequences, so he dodged the blow. I guess I could understand that, but I was still insecure about one thing.

“So, you’re not ashamed of me?” I asked in a small voice.

I was putting my pride on the line again, but I had to know where I stood with Jordan. Was he one of the haters?

“What? You’re kidding, right? I became the envy of every guy in Plymouth the minute you said yes to going to the movies with me.” Suddenly, his tone dramatically shifted. “Well, not anymore, I guess.” He moped.

His head hung low as he shuffled his feet in self pity. His pouting was both comical and sad, simultaneously. I giggled and his face contorted into a pained expression.

Great excerpt! Word count: 409. What car would you like to take for a spin out of the Indie Garage today, Amy?

2012 Chevy Camaro

And so she shall…


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