Blogger Spotlight: Paige From Comfort Books

Each week, I’m hosting a book blogger on the site in the hopes that the information proves beneficial to my fellow authors. This week, please give a warm welcome to Paige from Comfort Books. And, at the risk of repeating myself, pay attention fellow authors – there’s gold in these posts.

Name: Paige

Blog Name: Comfort Books


Genres Read: I read YA (Contemporary, Paranormal, Dystopian, Fantasy) ChickLit, Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, True Crime.

Preferred Submission Type: I prefer physical copies but I’m also willing to accept e-books as long as it’s something I like to read.

Do You Read/Review Indie Books: Yes, It doesn’t matter to me who the publisher is as long as the book has my interest I’m going to read it!

What I’d Like To Read More Of: I would really like to try to read some adult books because I’ve always pushed them aside not thinking I would like them but I feel like I should give them another shot. Now I’m not talking about adult romance because I’m not a fan of those but just adult In general. Also I’d really like to see a lot more of Dystopian because those types of books are really interesting to me.

What I See Too Much Of: Hmm what do I see too much of.. I’d have to say lately I’ve been seeing books that have really similar covers to other books and it’s really annoying. Now I’m not trying to give the authors any problems but there’s so many options for covers out there why does there need to be two of the same? (P.S not trying to make anyone feel bad I’m just saying sometimes it can just be a turn off to the book! Don’t take it personal please!)

What an Author Should and Should Not Do When Contacting Me: Well recently I’ve been getting review requests from authors that aren’t even directed towards me. What I mean by that is I’d get an email that doesn’t even say hello Paige or hello at all it just goes right on about the book and then at the very very end It said something like note: If you would like to review this please reply with address. Not a good way to get someone to review your book at all.

Biggest Author or Fellow Blogger Turn Off: One thing that sort of turns me off to authors is when your interviewing them and they give you one or two word answers for every question. I understand that you are very busy but if you want people to want to read your book you should be a lot more enthusiastic when talking to people especially bloggers because they are the people who are the biggest promoters for your book.


4 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight: Paige From Comfort Books

  1. What a great idea! I’m going to follow this feature, because it’ll introduce ME to more of my fellow bloggers!

    • Thanks! That’s also the plan. We’re all one big community, right? And psst! I’m always looking for bloggers to interview. Just contact me through my site. 🙂

  2. Hi Paige, thanks for the insights, just great to see that your answers are laced with such common sense. Too often, especially on social network sites, there can be crazy communication breakdowns between writers, book-reviewers, bloggers, agents, publishers, illustrators, etc… It really is such a shame as we all have so much in common. We love writing and reading. Thanks again Paige 🙂 and good luck with all your future projects with the reviewing, blogging and the writing.
    Thanks for hosting such a great concept, Michelle 🙂

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