Indie 400: Addison Moore

New series here on the blog – the Indie 400. For those who know me, I’m sort of into cars. My father was a race car fan. Even did a little racing of his own when he was young. So, I thought I’d have a little fun with a new blog series I’m calling the Indie 400. It’s a guest post by my fellow indies – just 400 words of a book of theirs, along with two interview questions.

Please welcome to the starting lineup, Addison Moore and today’s entry: TREMBLE, book two in the wildly popular Celestra series, recently optioned for film by 20th Century Fox. Addison is also a fellow Paranormal Plumes and Indelibles member. Genre: Young adult.

Addison, what drives you as a writer?

Love. I’m all about romance and conquering the impossible. What’s better than teen angst-driven emotions to steer a story in the right direction?

And here’s the 400:

Inevitably, we all die. In your sleep if you’re lucky—unconscious, unaware of what’s transpiring around you—an instant transport to another realm. A beautiful place, if you know the way.

Drowning. There is something mysterious and frightening about the ocean. The unknowable depths—the unsearchable reaches of the indigo marine. It hadn’t occurred to me as I lunged into the water, sinking effortlessly into its cold waiting arms, it could be the last time I’d see the pale blue sky, the hard line of the horizon, the distant rocky shore. With the last breath of wind-blown air already growing stale in my lungs, I propel forward exasperated by its beauty.

This is the dream that masters the night. Chloe is with me. She is long dead, but has become a strange comfort to me in my dreams. We swim like mermaids with our long flowing hair, lips iced with bubbles.

If there were only time for exploration, if I could somehow live out my dreams on the bottom of the ocean—bathing in brine—letting the currents have their way with me.  They sway me gently to the exact place I need to be, baptizing me in quiet solace.

I need to learn from the creatures of the deep, learn to swallow fear, bury it in the watery grave of indifference and swim away.

The light of the outside world shimmers in assurance just beyond the forest of pale green kelp. I focus on the long amber branches—rubbery formed leaves the shape of tears. We kick our way through pressured waters, every movement unnaturally lethargic. The water around us congeals ever so slightly as if to keep us down beyond our last breath.

An unnatural panic seizes me. I’m suffocating. I can’t breathe. I thrash for Chloe to help me—to shake me out of my dream. In my hysteria I let go and lose her.

A figure of a man, a boy, around my age appears. He comes closer and closer until I see him full and clear—sharp chiseled features, a soft mane of caramel waves, eyes the color of scarlet. He gives a short-lived smile before pressing his lips against mine and fills my lungs with a deep well of glorious air that satisfies me.

Then another breath, warm and deep, filling me with an ecstasy I never knew existed.

Addison takes the checkered flag and the trophy at 395 words!

*Writers who hit the 400 mark or come within five words of it also take home the trophy.

Addison, what car would you like to drive out of the Indie Garage today?

I think a Lamborghini Diablo in purple or hot pink because, why not?

Why not indeed!

If you liked Addison’s sample, check out TREMBLE (Celestra Series Book 2) on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Indie 400: Addison Moore

  1. Wow, what a beautiful excerpt! Such gorgeous writing and imagery. Well done.

    Very cool idea for a new blog series Michelle!

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