Another Week… Gone!

Other than working on the next book, there’s not much is going on. The imagination is in full gear and I’m finding horror in the oddest, everyday things. Like the ice cream truck that raced through our streets the other day. Yes, raced. This thing was doing about 40, which is probably pretty fast for a clunky old ice cream truck. I found the warbled old melody oddly horrific. Maybe it was because it was playing Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Maybe because, well ice cream trucks are creepy. Hubby disagreed. See? No imagination! I mean LOOK at this thing! Okay, so this wasn’t the ice cream truck. I found it on the interwebz, but it’s still freaking creepy.

Worse, what if it played Don’t Worry, Be Happy! While crushing the streets. Is that Stephen King enough for you? Okay, so maybe it’s as much Larry the Cable Guy as Stephen King, but it’s both funny and creepy, don’t you think? No? Okay, never mind. I’ll just go back to my writing cave. The voices are calling…




6 thoughts on “Another Week… Gone!

  1. Ive always thought they were creepy! Id run screaming if that Icecream truck came down my road. Reminds me of the movie Legion. EEEK!

  2. Totally creepy. When I saw that Pic in the week it reminded me instantly of the Masters of Horror segment ‘We all Scream for Ice Cream’ Directed by Tom Holland and I agree about the ice cream music too, what’s that all about, that eerie off-tune, Freddie Kruger stuff? A great vehicle for a short story though, pardon the pun.

  3. The 40 mph ice cream truck playing Rudolph in April is very creepy!! And if it had a clown anywhere on the truck that doubles the creep factor. Stephen King had the right of it when it comes to effing clowns!

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