I think the name pretty much says it all, but here’s the scoop: there are 26 authors who have reduced the price of some of their ebooks to just 99¢ from now until Sunday night. A lot of these books are at regularly priced at $2.99 (or more) and rarely go on sale. My own Don’t Fear the Reaper is one of them. I’m raising the price back to $2.99 Sunday night and have absolutely no plans to drop the price in the foreseeable future, so if you’ve ever wanted to read Don’t Fear the Reaper, I’d pick it up now. It’s available at the sale price on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Of course, you can still download sample chapters of each book to see if they’re for you, and most have the Look Inside feature on Amazon for those who want to take a look before they buy.

What books are part of the blowout? Check David Gaughran’s site for the comprehensive list. You’ll find covers, descriptions, original price, where each book is on sale – and it’s all sorted by genre. While you’re there, leave a comment and thank him for all his efforts in coordinating this. Oh, and did I mention there’s a giveaway too?

Looking for a sale, but want the print book? Both Don’t Fear the Reaper and The Book of Lost Souls print versions (just $9.99 each) are part of Amazon’s 4 for 3 promo – just pick up two more books participating in Amazon’s 4 for 3! See Amazon for details.


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