Tell Me About Heaven – A Behind The Pages Look at Don’t Fear the Reaper

Tell me about Heaven, Dad
I really want to know,
Because ten long years have passed,
And I miss you so…

~Michelle Muto

The above stanza is from a poem I wrote to my father ten years after his death. I cannot begin to describe what it was like to lose my father, whom I loved more than my very being. All these years later, I’ll freely admit it: I’m a Daddy’s girl. We’re so much alike, he and I.  I was robbed of him far too soon by multiple myeloma, a brutal and incurable cancer often contracted by toxins through the skin. He worked his whole life as an airline mechanic for a large airline – a job he loved.

I still miss him terribly. Time may heal, but it leaves scars. There are things that blindside me on a Tuesday afternoon, something that makes me think so strongly of my father and my heart aches all over again. Maybe it was something he said that made me laugh, or I see or hear something he loved. I admire his strengths to this day.

For those who have read Don’t Fear the Reaper, it’s easy to see the real life example I used. It’s easy to spot the grief, the emotion I used for my main character, Keely Morrison. No, not the suicide, but the pain of losing a loved one.

But there’s so much more to Don’t Fear the Reaper than just that. There’s the story of literary agents and why the economy played a part in my decision to go indie. Yesterday, The Bookish Brunette kindly hosted me on her blog for Indie Frenzy where I give up those details: the research into morgues, the playlist, and even the casting call: Simon Baker as Banning, the Reaper. Curious? Read it all right here.

I’m a story teller by trade and by heart. I just figured it was time to tell this tale.

If you’re curious about the raw emotion in the novel, read the heartbreaking first chapter of DON’T FEAR THE REAPER.  Write what you know, they say. And at this point in my life I’ve lost far too many people and pets in my life. I think I’ve got the grief thing down.

Read more of Don’t Fear the Reaper or check out my other books at these retailers:

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4 thoughts on “Tell Me About Heaven – A Behind The Pages Look at Don’t Fear the Reaper

  1. I never realised how personal DFtR must have been for you. It’s a lovely post, and an even better book.

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