Giveaway: This Brilliant Darkness by Red Tash

This Brilliant Darkness. Great title for a book, don’t you think? Joining me today is Red Tash. I met Red during the 2011 Coffin Hop. She’s fun, mysterious, and has a brilliant way with words. I’m so glad she’s here today. You will be, too! Not only do we have an interview lined up, but a GIVEAWAY! Yep! Read is graciously giving away 2 prizes! A print copy (US only), and an ebook (international). The contest ends December 20th. The winners will be randomly chosen on December 21st. How do you win? Leave a comment below, and… Tweet it please!

Red Tash is a novelist, journalist, poet, and editor. She knows that all you really care about is that she writes good stories. She does that. Red’s books make you think, make you wonder, make you laugh, and keep you turning pages. They’ve been known to keep hardened readers up at night, racing to the end of the book.

MICHELLE:: So, tell US about the new book! What kind of feedback are you getting?

RED: “Startlingly original,” and “richly poetic” are just two phrases used to describe This Brilliant Darkness by its readers. Complete with plenty of “LOL moments,” this smart, philosophical book has been described “This is how you write a novel.”

Having said that, it’s about an ancient, troubled entity to identifies a religious studies professor as a threat to his existence. He surfaces in the urban forest of Indiana University campus to stalk her, hoping to frighten her out of existence, entirely. It’s a fast-paced story told through the viewpoints of a cast of characters.

MICHELLE: How did you come up with the idea for your book?

RED: The inspiration for This Brilliant Darkness came from so many different places, it’s hard to nail down. There were the creepy woods on Indiana University campus, and my love for the entire City of Bloomington, for starters. A genuine interest in quantum physics, the idea that there were alternate realities, that time travel and virtually any other imaginable reality was simultaneously occurring, across multiple timelines…I mean, who wouldn’t be inspired by all that? Add to that the classic question of “Does love conquer all?” or “Will good defeat evil?” and I was off and running.

MICHELLE: What do you think readers will appreciate most about your book?

RED: The pacing, and the mood. I’ve had a lot of people respond with their “LOL” moments, so I know it’s got a lot of surprisingly funny moments. The other very common remark is that they couldn’t put it down, followed immediately by “It’s still on my mind, weeks later.” The book messes with people’s heads.

MICHELLE: Tell us a bit about your writing process.

RED: Right now, I get up each morning around five or six am, and hit the computer with a sleeping baby on my shoulder. I write as long as I feel I’m “good,” which right now means I typically write one new chapter of my WIP, and then edit an existing chapter. This works out well for my current project, but I have no idea how the flow will come together for my next.

This Brilliant Darkness was my first book, so I wrote it in 20 minute increments on my lunch break, during Nanowrimo. I had a daily word count goal and I met it before I ate, that day! Food is a great motivator. I then diddled around with that book on and off—sometimes off for years at a time—until I published it digitally in September of 2011.

MICHELLE: Most unique or unusual research you’ve ever done for a book?

RED: I spent a week in a monastery in rural Kentucky while working on This Brilliant Darkness. I ended up coming away with another character—the monk called Simon, a silent mystic with psychic powers and a supernatural connection to the heroine and the villain.

MICHELLE: Who are your favorite authors?

RED: Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, JK Rowling

MICHELLE: If your book became a movie, who would star in the title roles?

RED: I have really struggled with this answer, and I have to admit—a blonde Kristen Stewart would make a great Christine. She’d have to wait a few years until she was older, but her awkwardness gets in the way of her good looks, and she’s irrationally pissed off much of the time, just like Christine.

MICHELLE: Why did you decide to write in this genre?

RED: I didn’t. I set out to write something light. I realized it was dark fantasy/horror lite once the story got rolling.

MICHELLE: Can you tell us a little about your next project?

RED: Troll or Derby is a YA fantasy set in rural Indiana. It’s got fairies and trolls and roller derby, and I am absolutely in love with it. I will be sad when the book is over.

MICHELLE: If you could do one thing over again in regards to writing, what would it be?

RED: Take it seriously earlier in life, not start a “safety” career first.

MICHELLE: Who is your biggest supporter?

RED: My husband, Tim Tash! By a mile!

MICHELLE: Favorite quote:

RED: “If I lose the light of the sun, I will write by candlelight, moonlight, no light. If I lose paper and ink, I will write in blood on forgotten walls. I will write always. I will capture nights all over the world and bring them to you.”
~Henry Rollins

MICHELLE: Outline or panster?

RED: A little of each. Chapters have a way of going off in surprising directions.

MICHELLE: Vanilla or chocolate?

RED: Chocolate!!!

MICHELLE: Cats or dogs?

RED: Cats, but I’m allergic. I love my dogs, but I miss my kitties!

MICHELLE: Coffee or tea?

RED: Both.

MICHELLE: And there you have it, folks! If you can’t wait to read This Brilliant Darkness, click on the link below. It’ll take you to Red’s site where she’s SO organized and listed all the links.

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11 thoughts on “Giveaway: This Brilliant Darkness by Red Tash

    • Red, I am so happy for you that you got this interview & that your book was featured. Thanks to Michelle also for the opportunity to win.

  1. It’s that time of the year for a cozy read as it snows outside. Your description of your book seems to be inviting on these wintery nights. Thanks for the chance to win and read this one.

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