A Chat With Vampires in America Author D.B. Reynolds

My crit partner D.B. Reynolds is on to something big. Well, she’s always been on to it, it’s just now catching fire in a BIG way. I mean REALLY big. It’s the Vampires in America series, and if you haven’t heard of it or read any of the books then I suggest you come out from under your reading rock and check the series out. For those who do know the series, then it won’t come as any surprise that the latest addition, Duncan, is selling like crazy cakes. Duncan has always been a lot of fans favorite character in the series, and now he’s got his own story to tell. And wow! What a story it is.

D.B. joins us today for a quick word. Don’t worry, it’s just a quick chat because D.B. is doing Nano this month. We DO want that next book, right?

Michelle: So, you hit #159 on Amazon’s paid kindle list the other day and I couldn’t wait to share the news.

D.B.: Pretty exciting, right? If I wasn’t doing NaNo, I’d be getting drunk right about now.

Michelle: I remember reading Duncan and telling you this was The One.

D.B. I was in the throes of post-manuscript collapse. It’s all a blur.

Michelle: Anyway, folks. Look at the cover. Is it not awesome? Well, the story is even better. It’s sexy, fun, and a really good thriller of a story to boot. What are you waiting for? Go to Amazon and buy it. Or read/download the sample chapters. Read the reviews! Then, you’ll buy it. It’s available in print too! Okay, D.B. Back to Nano with you!

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4 thoughts on “A Chat With Vampires in America Author D.B. Reynolds

  1. This series sounds interesting, I am a big vampire fan and writer. I will put this series on my to read list, which is growing more everyday. I will have to stop watering pretty soon.(-:}

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