The Book of Lost Souls & Don’t Fear the Reaper Have a Banner Week!

It’s been a banner week for 5-star reviews for both books.

The Book of Lost Souls got a stellar review from the fab site Mission to read. The site has a LOT of reviews, guest appearances, and other features.Check ’em out. It also got a 5-star rating from the talented author duo C.A. Kunz (The Childe series) on Amazon.

Don’t Fear the Reaper‘s reviews totally blew me away this week. I mean totally. Deja Vu from a few weeks ago when Andrea over at The Bookish Babes called it stunning? Sheila, over at Why Not? Because I Said So! not only gave Reaper 5 stars, but said it’s one of her favorite books in 2011. She had a LOT of other awesome things to say, but I’ll let you read the whole review here. If that wasn’t enough flattery for the week, Shana over at A Book Vacation said so many amazing things that I don’t think I’ll ever stop blushing. Her full review will be available on her website in early December (I’ll update this post with the link), but you can read her review on Goodreads. Aobibliphile topped off the week with this five-star review and a quote that sums up Don’t Fear the Reaper nicely: Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me. The Carriage held but just ourselves And Immortality ~Emily Dickinson

I don’t know what to say except that I’m not only on cloud nine, I’m deeply honored. To each and every one of these reviewers, thank you!

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