Paperback Writer

For years I listened to the song and thought about the day when I’d see my own books in print. Now, I didn’t write about a dirty story about a dirty man, but I do need the money and the break! Neither story is a thousand pages, either, but I WILL be writing more in a week or two.

I can’t tell you how cool it was to actually hold the physical books in my hand. Although the world is changing over to digital more and more, it’s still an incredible feeling. I’ve given both books away. The Book of Lost Souls went to my husband since I dedicated the book to him. Don’t Fear the Reaper will be mailed to my sister once I sign it.

Both books are priced the lowest I could make them and eek out any royalties. Unlike the Big Six, it’s not as cheap for indie authors to produce books. Each trade-sized book is $9.99 and is eligible for Amazon’s SuperSaver Shipping. Like their traditionally published counterparts, you can also read samples before buying. And yes, if you’re wondering, those are the hardcovers of Harry Potter behind my books.

So, Dear Sir or Madam, won’t you take a look?

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P.S. Did you know you can hover over the Like button on Amazon’s page to help me get the word out on FB & Twitter?

3 thoughts on “Paperback Writer

  1. They look great. I’m still waiting on my graphic designer to put together the full cover art, but I’m also excited to see my stuff in print that I can hold in my hand. Congratulations on yours. Still looking forward to reading your books (I’m not a super fast reader and only have limited time just before going to bed, but I’m definitely intrigued and looking forward to the reads).

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

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