My Planet or Yours?

I recall my first experience mixing with other indies. It was early March, and I’d just uploaded The Book of Lost Souls. There were plenty of people to welcome me. Some stand out more than others, Like L.C. Evans. I recently heard that Linda is battling cancer. My father died of multiple myeloma and so I’ve got a special bone to pick with cancer. I don’t need to know the details of what Linda is going through. All I know is that she loves to write, loves to help others, and could use a helping hand.

And for me, that’s all it takes. I hope we’re the same in that regard, you and I.

Linda has worked hard to get her name and her books out there. But, it’s hard to promote when you’re battling cancer. Let’s give her a hand, shall we? She’s managed to release a new book called My Planet or Yours. It’s a romantic comedy that is sure to please. Who couldn’t use a little comedy this time of year? Plus, it has a dog in it. I’m a dog fanatic, if you don’t already know that about me. Who can resist lovable pups? I’ve posted the description and the links below. It’d be so nice of you if you could tweet, post on Facebook, or otherwise share this post with others so that we may all give Linda a hand during this trying time. She’s hoping that the sales will help with some of her medical expenses. At 99 cents, the book and the cause is so worth it.

From Amazon:
Nora Bryant is a single Earth woman out to ban men from her life after a recent breakup. Triskam is a strikingly handsome extraterrestrial, who crash lands near her remote Arizona home. Add to this mix, a couple of misguided thugs looking for a gold rush, an overly friendly, not-so-guard dog, and a communications device that thinks it’s a nanny, and you have My Planet or Yours?, a delightful new romantic comedy by LC Evans, author of the Kindle bestseller, We Interrupt This Date.



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