Winners From the 2011 Coffin Hop

A sincere thanks to everyone who joined in the festivities of the 2011 Coffin Hop. It was a lot of fun! I selected the 5 winners this morning using a random number selector. Entries were selected from comments dating from 10/24 to 10/31 on the posts: Wicked Brownies, Don’t Fear the Reaper: The First Chapter, Coffin Hop 2011 & Halloween Giveaway, and Is Your Life Whispering To You.

Here’s the results:

1st winner: #28 J.C. Martin

2nd winner: #2 Red Tash

3rd winner: #12 Moon

4th winner: #11 Paul D. Dail

5th winner: #23 Joan De La Haye

I’m contacting the winners today and they’ll have 48 hours to collect their prize. In the event I have an unclaimed prize, I’ll randomly select an alternate winner. Winners may select a free ebook copy of either The Book of Lost Souls or Don’t Fear the Reaper.


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