Coffin Hop 2011 & Halloween Giveaway!

Halloween will soon be here! To celebrate, me and about 80-90+ other horror/paranormal writers are taking part in Coffin Hop 2011. What is Coffin Hop? You visit participating writer’s blogs and check out their posts. It’ll be going on the 24th – the 31st. Not only will you discover new authors and books, you’ll find all sorts of free prizes. The more blogs you visit, the more prizes you can win. To find them, look here, or click the Coffin Hop 2011 pic located in the left sidebar.

THE TREAT: Here, I’ll be giving away a total of 5 ebook copies of either Don’t Fear the Reaper or The Book of Lost Souls – winner’s choice.

THE TRICK: What do you have to do? Easy stuff. Leave a comment on this post, the recipe for wicked brownies, the first chapter of Don’t Fear the Reaper, and any post dated October 24th-31st 2011. You may enter multiple times, but only one comment per post will be counted. I’ll select and announce the winners on November 1st using a random number selector. All results are final. You’ll have 48 hours to collect your prize before you forfeit to the next lucky goblin.

Oh, and it’s not part of the contest rules, but I’d really appreciate it if you tweeted: Cool books for Halloween: The Book of Lost Souls & Don’t Fear the Reaper #Kindle #Nook

But, that’s out of the candy corn goodness of your little goblin heart. How good of a goblin are you?


17 thoughts on “Coffin Hop 2011 & Halloween Giveaway!

  1. Am really enjoying the hop! Your books look wonderful and am looking forward to reading them. I was a good little goblin and tweeted. I do love being called a goblin!

  2. Goblins, goblins everywhere!
    On the ground and in the air!
    Giving everyone dark looks,
    Because they want Michelle’s dark books!
    Hairy, young, or bald and old,
    It’s Halloween that makes them bold.
    Quick! Before they run away,
    you hold your drawing this Tuesday.
    When playtime’s done and they go in,
    Which Little Goblin books will win?
    -Author Unknown

    …okay, crap, it was me.
    -Rob Smales

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