The Lighter Side of Tiffany King

Monty Python may have silly walks, but here, we’ve got silly talks. Today, I coerced invited Tiffany King, author of Meant to Be, and Forgotten Souls.

Me: Food you dislike the most?

Tiffany: I absolutely detest any kind of FISH!!! It’s double ick as far as I’m concerned.

Me: Guys, this is funny since Tiffany lives in Florida.
What house would the sorting hat put you in?

Tiffany: I would like to say Gryffindor but I suspect it would actually be Hufflepuff 😉

Me: Superstition you almost/could almost believe in?

Tiffany: Um yep, I’m pretty sure I believe in ghosts (and I don’t want one living in my house. Eeeeeeeeeeeek)

Me: Witches, Zombies, or Beezlepups? (A Beezlepup is a kindred dog breed prone to mischief & mayhem)

Tiffany: ZOMBIES!!!! (Yep, I’m a zombie freak)

Me: Insect that creeps you out the most?

Tiffany: All and any (just the word insect creeps me out)

Me: Again, I find this hilarious seeing as Florida is home to year-round bugs, some the size of smart cars.
Favorite Halloween candy?

Tiffany: Anything with chocolate 😉

Me: Smart girl!
What Halloween costume would you/are you wearing this year?

Tiffany: If I had the means I would dress up like a Gryffindor (hehehehe)

Me: When you were six, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Tiffany: A teacher, hands down. (That’s before I discovered the joy of books. A couple years later it changed to a bookstore owner.)

Me: When no one is looking, I crank up:

Tiffany: It would be Taylor Swift right now. Her songs are all alike but they are very easy to sing to and still sound good if you mess up the lines.

Me: People would laugh if they saw…

Tiffany: The face I make when I smell something bad. Don’t ask me why but my family thinks it’s hilarious. I guess I make a disgusted sound too :o)

Me: Food I’m most likely to use in a food fight?

Tiffany: Mashed Potatoes. I think they would make the best splat!!

Me: If you had a supernatural ability, it’d be:

Tiffany: Reading minds for sure. Edward made it seem like a hindrance but I think I could definitely have fun with it.

Me: Superhero you can’t take seriously and why.

Tiffany: Spiderman because the outfit kills me :o)

Me: Favorite cartoon character

Tiffany: Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove. (He’s too cool for words)

Me: If I were a (choose one: dog, cat) I’d…

Tiffany: If I were a cat I would sleep all day guilt free 😉

Me: Favorite comedian?

Tiffany: Ellen Degeneres stand-up cracks me up.

Me: Favorite funny movie?

Tiffany: My Cousin Vinny (Aw classic movie)

Me: Sport I would never attempt to do in a million years.

Tiffany: Eek hockey!!! (I just know the puck would smash me in the face first time out)

Me: Ugliest clothing item I’ve worn and still own.

Tiffany: Ummmmmmmmmm crap I’m not sure (LOL!!)

Me: So… you’re denying these were ever in your closet?

No? Hmmm. You might want to ask your hubby about his college Halloween hazing incident then.
Thanks for stopping by Tiffany! This was a lot of fun.
Hey guys, check out Tiffany’s books on Amazon & B&N!

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