Meet Author Anne Michaud

I’ve known Anne for a couple of years now. We’re both part of the on-line writing group (affectionately known as the OWG) over at Kelly Armstrong’s site. We’ve read each other’s work. It’s why I know you’ll enjoy Misery of Me, which appears in the anthology, Tattered Souls 2.

Me: How did you come up with the idea for your novelette?

Anne: (it’s an anthology of novelettes)? I was reading Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist and there’s a scene where Eli’s servant says something about how she cannot have junkies blood. It went: click! How come no one ever thought of writing about a heroin addict vamp who can’t shoot up? That’s how I got the main track for Misery of Me.

Me: Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

Anne: Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West portrayed in Wicked, by Gregory Maguire. So complex and rich, one of the most misunderstood fictional character of pop culture. I just loved how the author build her background, and how he made me root for her when Dorothy came into the picture. I’m just amazed by Elphaba, her strength and deliberate self-destruction.

Me: Tell us a bit about your writing process.

Anne: When an idea strikes, I put it down on paper and let it simmer for a good while (if it doesn’t gestate long enough, it’ll never blossom). Once I know what’s going to happen and who it’ll involve, I do a broad outline – nothing too detailed, since I love surprises – to know the beginning, the middle and the end. Then I go at it, writing as fast and as much as I can, let it rest and edit. My kind betas crit, I adjust, then repeat until I’m satisfied with it.

Me: Most unique or unusual research you’ve ever done for a book?

Anne: For my soft horror YA novelette, A Blue Story, I had to overcome my overactive imagination (and vegetarian principles) and read tons of stuff about taxidermy, how it’s done, etc. I never could find the answer as to why people want dead animals on their walls, though.

Me: What is the hardest part about writing?

Anne: To stop writing, taking a break, allowing myself to rest and do something else. We all know it’s a craft, how you put in many hours and most of the time, it goes unrewarded, except from self-growth. So for me, it’s not the writing itself, but not doing it.

Me: If you could meet any author who is no longer living, who would it be?

Anne: I’ll cheat and invite my two favorite authors for dinner: Jane Austen and Edgar Allan Poe. Oh, can you imagine him getting drunk while she and I gossip about Pride & Prejudice? I’ve read everything about those two, cannot get enough of their prose as much as their mysterious lives, and read their work every year.

Me: Can you tell us a little about your next project?

Anne: I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself! What used to be a script will now be an uber dark fantasy novel for Young Adults: Wild Swan is a love story with an addiction to flying and where the girl saves the boy. I’m world building right now, will outline soon, and plan to write the first draft in November!

Me: Favorite quote?

Anne: “The most difficult thing in the world is to reveal yourself, to express what you have to. As an artist, I feel that we must try many things, but above all we must dare to fail. You must be willing to risk everything to really express it all.” – John Cassavetes, filmmaker

Thanks, Anne! It’s been great to have you here. I know a lot of readers are looking for horror stories and dark fantasy to read this month, so I’m SURE they’ll check out Tattered Souls 2! It’s available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and B&N.


6 thoughts on “Meet Author Anne Michaud

  1. A great interview. I’ve never read Wicked, although it sounds like an interesting book.

    Good luck with the story, Anne.

  2. Great interview, ladies! Anne, we have so much more in common than I ever realized. Wicked is one of my all time favorite books and I have shared a love for Ms. Austen and Mr. Poe for many years. In fact, a friend in high school bought me his complete works and it’s sitting on my desk right now.

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