Well-Laid Plans & Banned Book Week

Okay, so I honestly did forget that this was Banned Books Week. I swear. And, maybe it is coincidence that Don’t Fear the Reaper has been stuck in ‘Review’ on two sites. I could’ve been lucky with The Book of Lost Souls. It was on sale pretty much right away. Don’t Fear the Reaper? Not so much. There is one distributor where Don’t Fear the Reaper is available today, though. It’s Smashwords, where the book is already being downloaded MUCH faster than I expected. I’ve also made a decent portion of the book a part of the free sample, so if you’d like, hop on over and download the free part. Kick the tires.

Anyway, when I first learned it was Banned Book Week from a reader, I thought the hang-up might be the topic of teen suicide, and I did start the book out in a dramatic way. But after a lot of thought, I’m sure everything will work itself out and the whole hang-up will have been over a computer glitch or because it’s the weekend.

Meanwhile, support Banned Book Week and read something from the list.

4 thoughts on “Well-Laid Plans & Banned Book Week

  1. So sorry, Michelle. It is an awesome book with an amazing opening chapter and I am sure it will all work out. Congrats on the Smashwords sales. *hugs*

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