Tidbits For Thursday

It’s September! Fall is finally on it’s way. I ushered it in by going to the Hendersonville, NC apple festival over the weekend. I love WNC and vow to live there one day. The month started out hot and humid here in Northeast Georgia, but yesterday and today has been very nice despite the 7×24 misty rain. Today, it’s finally sunny. The temperature is nice, although it was cooler yesterday. No more blistering 90 degree weather! The high today yesterday was around 77. Today, it’s supposed to be 80. I can’t wait until the weather dips into the 70’s and even the 60’s. I don’t do summer. What’s your least favorite season?


Spike seems to be a lot of people’s favorite character these days. In fact, he’s got a Cuteness Award Shout-Out from flash fiction writer and blogger Danielle LaPaglia.

Have you read The Book of Lost Souls yet? If you have and you enjoyed it, I’d love it if you passed along a few kind words or recommend the book – Twitter, Digg, Google+, FB, Goodreads, or even on Amazon’s and B&N’s forums. With your help spreading the word, I can spend more time writing the sequel. Thank you in advance!


Dean Wesley Smith talks about the prices of ebooks

Nathan Bransford wonders if we’ll see more self-published literary fiction.

The Guardian: Reading fiction ‘improves empathy.’ What do you think? I’d love to know.

Self-published author Scott Nicholson wants you to like him for money. $200 worth, which is about 15% of his sales. Who couldn’t use $200?

FREE! (Until it’s not):

Author Megg Jensen’s YA book Anathema is free over at Smashwords.


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