Sawyer Speaks: Get the low-down on author Kait Nolan

Hi everyone! It’s Spike from The Book of Lost Souls! Michelle is working on some edits today for her next book so I thought I’d steal her blog for a day. What do you think? Fun times, right? I mean, when I’m stuck being a lizard, I’ve got time to think – and read. I came across this awesome book I think you guys would like. It’s called Red by Kait Nolan. I got to talking with one of the star characters and we both thought an interview swap would be fun!

Please welcome Sawyer, a great tough-guy if there ever was one! He’s got a hot girlfriend, and well… I think you’ll just have to pick up a copy of Red and read it all for yourself.

Okay Sawyer! Let’s do this!

Devlin the Beezlepup told me about the Cone of Shame. What’s up with Kait and the Pants of Shame?

Oh it’s this thing she got from some social media expert—Kristen Lamb? I’m not real sure how it’s motivating but the backstory’s pretty dang funny.

I love snacking on mealworms and tiger beetles while waiting for Michelle to write my scenes. What does Kait snack on while writing?

She usually tries not to snack while writing. Something about mindlessly consuming excess calories. Not sure how all that works when she’s got as big an appetite as any new werewolf.

Now that I’m spending more time in my terrarium, I’ve got lots of time to read. Give us the inside scoop on what Kait has planned next.

Shhhhh! Dude, don’t ask that question! Last time I brought it up, I thought I was watching a reenactment of a scene from the Exorcist! I think I saw her making notes on another novel featuring that other werewolf—the Cajun that’s evidently my competition for Favorite Werewolf.

We’re both handsome guys. It’s safe to say the female characters all think we’re hotties. Does Kait have a crush on you or are you just buds?

Kait’s a smart chick, but she knows I have eyes for no one but Elodie. If she occasionally still objectifies my superior posterior, I consider it no more than an observation of fact 😀

Michelle thought I stole the show for comedy in The Book of Lost Souls. What would Kait say about your part in Red?

I’m a little tempted to say “eye candy.” I think at first Kait saw me as just another angry, brooding hottie. I was definitely objectified. She had me standing shirtless in the back of cave for days. It was pretty embarrassing. But in the end I think she came to see me as a person and not just a hunk of beefcake, and we developed a sort of mutual respect as the project went on.

What scene was the hardest for you?

Well, I kinda died a little. And then I had to heal from that, knowing I was helpless while I a crazed psychopath was stalking my girlfriend. That pretty much sucked.

Yeah, that’d totally suck! What is Kait like to work with? Is she a character micro manager, or do you have equal input?

Her natural inclination is absolutely to micromanage. Woman is a control freak. But after several chapters of refusing to talk to her, she finally gave up and understood that working with teenagers is a whole other ballgame.

Is Kait’s writing area clean or messy?

Mostly clean. She usually does everything from her perch at the end of the living room sofa, within easy reach of her electric tea warmer and a pile of pens, notebooks, and sticky flags. That stuff she keeps pretty neat, but there’s just no hope of combating all the dog hair in the house. We should buy stock in the Furminator.

What famous author would Kait most say she writes like?

I actually tried to ask her this one, but I must’ve interrupted some important thought because she sounded like she started speaking in tongues. I think she kinda sort writes like Kelley Armstrong meets Patricia Briggs with an extra side of snark.

Tell us something about Kait that you know, but readers don’t.

You know those motion activated hand towel dispensers? Every time she sees one, Kait feels compelled to wave her hand in front of it and say, “These are not the droids you’re looking for.” Woman is a Star Wars geek of epic proportions. Original trilogy only, of course.

Thanks, Sawyer! Wicked cool interview. Thanks for joining me. I’m back to the terrarium before Michelle finds out I’m missing. See you on the digital bookshelf, Sawyer! And thanks to you, too readers! Here’s where you can find Sawyer and Kait.



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