The Little Book That Could

That’s what I’ve been calling The Book of Lost Souls. When I first wrote it, I fell in love with the story and the characters. There was a pang of sorrow when I finished the book. I didn’t want to say goodbye. After polishing it up, I sent it off to agents. Plenty were interested and requested the full. Unfortunately, most of them thought the book was too light. They offered to read whatever else I had, as long as it was darker. All plans to write the sequel vanished. After two revisions for two separate agents that eventually didn’t pan out (the book still had a lighthearted feel to it that wouldn’t appeal to publishing houses) I set the book aside and wrote a dark young adult book. I had been querying the new manuscript for about three months when I got an editorial letter from one of the big agencies who’d had The Book of Lost Souls for nearly a year. A year! But, the letter was so enthusiastic about the story and my writing that I sat down and made every last revision. I turned it in and waited. Months went by. In the end, they rejected the story – not because they didn’t love it, but because in the year and a half they had the manuscript, another client had submitted a proposal for a similar story.

And that was that. The book that was finished was dumped for a book that hadn’t yet been written. Somewhat angry and a good deal sad, I set the book aside to collect bit rot on my computer. Then, in late February, found myself running into similar situations with the newest book. Too dark! But, you’re a talented writer and we’d love to see other work. Or, my personal favorite, in this economy…

That’s when I decided to self-publish, starting with The Book of Lost Souls. It had been resurrected from the dead three times now. Twice in the early stages by two agents (who wanted different things), and a third revision from Super Agency. Don’t get me wrong here – I haven’t turned against traditional publishing or agents. Maybe one day I’ll find an agent or publisher as enthusiastic about my work as I am. Then, we’ll see where to go from there. But, I digress…

Two editor friends went over The Book of Lost Souls and the rest is history. I uploaded the book in early March and have been selling well ever since. While I’m certain The Book of Lost Souls isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it has been consistently getting great reviews for story, character, plot, and for being well-written. I believe in doing my best and making my indie work every bit as good as if it had gone through the Big Six. Future books will go through the same care: professional book cover designers, editors, copyeditors, and proofreaders. It isn’t a cheap endeavor, but The Book of Lost Souls has already recouped the money I’ve invested.

Within five weeks, I hit three best seller lists on Amazon. Me. An indie author without a publicist or a big agency or publisher behind them. Read some of my other posts and you’ll see which lists. Some of that was due to The Frugal eReader and Pixels of Ink, both huge Amazon book affiliates. Both sites picked up The Book of Lost Souls on their own. I consider it a huge compliment.

Now, I get emails and tweets from people who want to know if there are more books in the series. The answer is yes. There are more books in this series. Two more at least, maybe a third. I just haven’t thought that far out yet. I have another book coming out this summer, although it isn’t the sequel. It’s the darker young adult that I wrote after all the rejections on The Book of Lost Souls for being too light. But, rest assured, no one could be happier than I am to immerse myself into the world of Ivy, Nick, Devlin and the rest of the Ivy league.

The little book that could. It’s officially part of The Ivy MacTavish novels.

Thank you, dear readers, for believing in me the way I believed in Ivy and her friends. Thank you, dear book reviewers & bloggers, for you’re every bit as much a part of the magic as Ivy herself.

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…and more to come!

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11 thoughts on “The Little Book That Could

  1. Good for you, and for your book! I love hearing stories like this.. I have a lot of thinking to do on whether I am going to try to sell my book when it’s finished or whether to self-pub, so all of these success stories count toward whatever my final decision will be. Your book’s on my “to be read” list…

    • Thank you, Meaghan! I do try to tell everyone that the choice between traditional or indie is a personal one. Success is what we make of it. 🙂 Perseverance is king.

  2. I’m so glad you’ve found a place to share your amazing work with others. That’s the exciting thing about being an author right now, you have more options than ever. I’m so excited for all of the success you’ve had so far. It’s well deserved.

    • Thanks, Danni! You’re part of the story as well – so many thanks to my fellow OWG members who remembers beta’ing for me way back when.

  3. Michelle, You know what a big fan i am if your’s. I have to admit, I was trolling your blog, hoping to find news of more books in the series. When I read your post, it honestly made me cry. I can’t believe how close The Book of Lost Souls came to never seeing the light of day! Thank you for writing your beautiful, brilliant, most definitely not-too-light book. I can’t wait to read the other books in the series, & anything else you write!

    • Andrea – thanks so much for all your kind words and your support. I write for the love of writing, and for readers like you. It makes it all worth the effort.

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