Author Spotlight: Jennifer Hudock

Meredith Drexler has been the sole caretaker for her young sister Christina ever since their father went away. Sacrificing her life and her freedom to ensure Christina has a better life, Merry’s only escape from the monotony of every day life is her daydreams. When Christina arrives home late one evening speaking in delirious riddles, Meredith discovers her sister has been poisoned by Goblin fruit obtained in the Goblin Market.

She must travel to the heart of the Goblin Kingdom to retrieve the antidote to save her sister’s life, but at a price no sister should ever have to pay. Along the way, Meredith falls in love with the forest god who names himself her consort, and discovers a strange truth about her past and her identity.

When I first decided to go indie, Jennifer Hudock was one of the first young adult authors I met on the Kindle forums. Turns out she’s more than just helpful and kind – she’s talented, too. Check out her debut, The Goblin Market, available on Amazon & B&N. I asked Jennifer if she’d like to do an interview and true to her very helpful nature, obliged.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

As a teen I’d read Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market and liked it, but when I was in college I took an upper level course where we analyzed the work of both Christina and Dante Rossetti. I fell in love with the words she wove, not just in Goblin Market, but in her other poetry as well. I started weaving the idea for Goblin Market–two sisters alone in the world and one of them poisoned in the Goblin Market–into a fantasy fairytale.

What do you think readers will appreciate most about your book?

I have gotten a lot of compliments on the descriptive elements in The Goblin Market, especially the scenes in the market itself and the Darknjan Wald.

Most unique or unusual research you’ve ever done for a book?

I have a paranormal thriller I’m working on now about a serial killing werewolf, and Native American lore weaves into Viking lore, so that was an odd combination of research material. I also did some research once about the levels of bodily decay and how decay would affect the way a body floats in water.

What is your greatest writing strength?

I think creating believable characters is one of my greatest strengths as a writer.

When did you decide to become an indie author?

I actually podcasted my first novel before I started indie publishing and offered it on my website and iTunes for free, which allowed me to help build an audience long before I released my about a year and a half after I finished the podcast.

Can you tell us a little about your journey to publication?

I have had small pieces of fiction and poetry published traditionally in zines, journals and anthologies, and I originally submitted The Goblin Market to a small press publisher before I decided to publish independently. I published a short story collection in 2010 and the more I thought about how much I enjoyed doing all the work myself, the more appealing the idea of indie publishing my novel seemed. I still had a couple months before I was to hear back from the small publisher, so I withdrew and decided to publish on my own.

What is the hardest part about writing?

Quieting the voices in my head so I can concentrate.

Who are your favorite authors?

I have so many. Neil Gaiman, Charles de Lint, Holly Black, Jonathan Carroll, George R.R. Martin, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Geoffrey Chaucer.

If you could meet any author who is no longer living, who would it be?

Geoffrey Chaucer

Why did you decide to write in this genre?

I’ve always been a fantasy lover, ever since I was a little girl playing with faeries on the mountainside behind my house. It just seemed right.

Can you tell us a little about your next project?

I am currently finishing the sequel to The Goblin Market, which is titled Jack in the Green and is scheduled for a late June 2011 release.

Outline or panster?


Want to learn more about Jennifer and her books? Check out her site, The Inner Bean.


2 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Jennifer Hudock

  1. Michelle,
    Thanks for your interview with Jennifer. I am so thrilled to see someone else name Jonathan Carroll as a favorite! He is always top of my list and I never see him on anyone else’s. I look forward to checking out the Goblin Market.
    – Augusta

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