The Book of Lost Souls: The Book Tour

I’m on several blogs this week and It would mean a great deal to me if you’d stop by and comment.

This morning, author J.A. Campbell’s posted an interview with me for her Friday Tea Time. I’m an avid tea lover, and Julie wants to know what your own personal favorite is. While you’re there, check out her books!

I’m also on book tour with Book Lovin’ Bitches, which made the tour announcement and schedule here. I couldn’t be more thrilled! Take a look and see all the great blogs I’ll be visiting soon. First stop? A guest post on My Bookish Ways. I just love the artwork on the site. Take a look!

Earlier this week, the awesome site Fiction Flurry did a great review of The Book of Lost Souls and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Read the review.

Let’s give a big shout-out to all the book bloggers who dedicate their time and effort to bring you reviews, interviews, and giveaways from authors everywhere.


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