The Week in Review (April 15th)

At lot has happened this week. Fellow author Megg Jensen is hosting Trailer Tuesdays, and The Book of Lost Souls was one of the first on her site. Hop on over to her blog and watch my trailer along with two others, and be sure to visit Megg’s site on Tuesdays. It’s a great way to find new books and new authors.

Author Dean Mayes surprised me with a fantastic review on his site. I have to say, Dean wasn’t exactly my target audience, so I was blown away on how much he liked Souls. If you’re reading, thanks Dean! I’m truly flattered.

Imagine my delight when The Frugal eReader posted The Book of Lost Souls as one of their Monday’s Three Frugal Finds. If you have an eReader, you’ll want to bookmark The Frugal eReader and visit often.

But, the great news for the week didn’t end there. Ashton the Book Blogger reviewed Souls and loved it. I mean, really loved it. She gave it a five-star rating on Amazon, her site, and on Goodreads! How fantastic is that? There was a flurry of tweets afterward from other authors and readers, and now it seems Souls is on more people’s TBR list. Last night, Ashton posted an interview with me on her blog. Her site has won awards for design, and there’s plenty of books reviews and interviews to read.

And, last but certainly NOT least, today is the US release date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, part 1. I’m a huge fan. So much so that for the past week, as a countdown to today, I’ve been tweeting “You know you’re a Harry Potter Addict/Fan when:”

If you missed them, here they are:

You know you’re addicted to Harry Potter when you can’t find your car keys or your shoes and you blame nargles.

You know you’re addicted to Harry Potter when you’re watching TV and say, “Accio Remote!”

You know you’re a Harry Potter fan when lobster tails remind you of blast-ended skrewts.

You know you’re addicted to Harry Potter when you wish you had a skivving snack box so you wouldn’t have to attend Monday morning meetings.

You know you’re a Harry Potter Addict when: You name your iPod Harry Podder and your iPad Padfoot.

You know you’re a Harry Potter addict when you’re the only one who knows that Luna Lovegood isn’t the name of the next Bond girl.

You’re a Harry Potter addict if you know that a Muggle isn’t a coffee cup cozy.

Have a great weekend, everyone. See you next week. Now, go read a book, catch up on some reviews, or maybe watch some Harry Potter movies. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “The Week in Review (April 15th)

  1. Great to hear about the reviews. There’s also:
    You Know you’re a Harry Potter Fan when you keep shouting Reparo at your broken favourite mug. (I think this applies to writers more due to sheer volume of coffee drunk. LOL)

  2. Nice to see so many good things coming your way! Ride the wave. 🙂
    I found this one and loved it; Your bumper sticker reads “My other ride is a hippogriff.”

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