Beezlepups & Imaginary Friends. No Fooling!

Happy April Fools day!

I’m over at author Aaron Polsen’s blog this morning for his five question Friday post where I talk about flue powder and imaginary friends. I’d love it if you stopped by to say hello.

And, ever wonder what a geek with a Mac, iMovie 11 and a few hours of ‘spare’ time can create? A spoof movie trailer for my debut, The Book of Lost Souls. It’s more of a character profile than anything else. In my book, I have a character named Devlin. He’s my MC’s dog, a breed called a Beezlepup. My own dog, Ronan, was my inspiration for Devlin. When I first brought Ronan home, I discovered he loved mischief more than most puppies. I swear, it was like the dog was secretly drinking Redbull when we weren’t looking. He scaled baby gates – even when we stacked two on top of each other. And the noises he made weren’t like most dogs. It was…ethereal.

One day, we took him with us to our favorite coffee shop. It was a nice day, a Sunday, and we sat outside on the patio. The church crowd had just started to come in when a woman approached me and wanted to know what kind of dog Ronan was. “Shikoku,” I responded. The woman blinked and waited, as though I’d just sneezed instead of giving her a proper answer. So, I said, “He’s a Beezlepup.” The woman turned and yelled across the patio in front of all those men, women, and children, “George! They’ve got a Beezlepup. I think the neighbors have one, too!”

Yep. True story.

Anyway, here’s Ronan portraying Devlin the Beezlepup. I hope you get a few giggles out of it.

5 thoughts on “Beezlepups & Imaginary Friends. No Fooling!

  1. Clevery done, hope Dev had a ton of fun too. Animal stories are pretty good. I recently went to Tesco’s to find an image on a card that looked a lot like one of mine. I then discovered that the photographer had been over from New Zealand and taken a lot of shots of the kittens from the place where we got him. So it could be Cas wiht a quick touch up to remove his singular brown beauty mark on his nose.

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