Vacation and the Road to Somewhere

Summer. Time for hot days, iced drinks, and vacations to distant places.

On the vacation front, I’ll be taking time off from blogging. I don’t mean the entire summer, but I’m definitely backing off the amount of posts.

Where am I going? I’m going to be visiting some old friends and venture someplace exciting without ever leaving home.

How’s that, you say? Well, I got a welcome surprise this week in the form of a rewrite and resubmit for a book I had set aside in favor of Don’t Fear the Reaper. It’s one hell of a request, complete with an editorial letter. Hence the old friends. I love the suggested changes and I’m excited to work with the story again.

Of course, I’m still querying Reaper and it has a few irons in the fire as well.

And, before the rewrite and resubmit came my way, I was working on a new story. Yeah. Busy, busy! With so much going on, I had to sit down and figure out what stayed and what had to give. The blog and social networking was the first to go.

I hear you. Really. I know how important it is for writers to have an internet presence these days. But, that’s a whole separate post, isn’t it?

But, listen. What’s more important is the story.

It’s always the story.

Writing the best story possible is the most valuable marketing tool a writer has, at least in my humble opinion. Right now, those stories are The Book of Lost Souls and Don’t Fear the Reaper. The new WIP is pretty much on hold. Sure, if I come up with a great line or scene I’ll jot down notes and snippets least I forget them later. But, it’s otherwise set aside. We’re like that, aren’t we? Always writing. Even when we’re not in front of a keyboard.

Anyway, Reaper is finished and knocking on doors. Until it finds a home or something else happens to warrant its own rewrite and resubmit, it’ll keep going door to door. If I ever believed in a story I’ve written, I believe in Reaper. I actually cried when I finished it.

Ah! The trips down memory lane!

What’s that? Oh yeah, yeah. About the revisions on The Book of Lost Souls. Well, right now, in the writing realm of my life (and just about every other aspect), the rewrite takes precedence over just about all else. I’m always serious about doing the best work possible. That means I need to set aside the appropriate time to get this rewrite done in not only a reasonable time frame, but more importantly, I need to make sure it’s done right. I take this aspect of the business very, very seriously. I knew you’d understand better than most. No jokes about my use of very, either so quit head-editing. Yeah, I thought that’d make you grin.

I love editing as much as I love writing a first draft. Maybe more. And while I’m not fond of querying, Reaper is holding it’s own. I’ve got a long road with some curves ahead, but it feels like I’ve got a sports car to get me there. Writing feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it? The wind, the sun, and new things to see just around the bend in the road?

So, bear with me. I promise to post every two to three weeks. Sometimes with updates, sometimes with reflections and advice. Care to come along on this road trip to somewhere? I’m not sure where this stretch of asphalt will go, but I’m looking forward to the journey.


9 thoughts on “Vacation and the Road to Somewhere

  1. Good luck with both projects Michelle! You’ve got an exciting opportunity in front of you and I commend you for keeping your priorities straight. Keep us posted on the progress!

  2. Best of luck and it goes to show that its always worth persevering with a project. After all it improves with every polish.

    Currently I’m trying to get psyched to get on with writing again after a break although I am reading a survival guide for critiquing. Which should hopefully help.

    Just got to nail my muse to the wall shortly. LOL

  3. Dude, if there was ever a great reason to step away from the interwebs, this is it. You are an amazing writer, and I hope things pan out for you VERY soon 😉

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