Freaky Friday: What’s in a Name?

We all go through it – naming our characters, our books. Sometimes the names are easy. Sometimes, it takes a long time to come up with something we like. So far, I love my book titles and the names of my characters. I do put a lot of thought into them.

When this tweet on book titles caught my attention via Twitter, I had to click on the tiny url, which led me to a picture article on the creepiest children’s books ever. The one that cracked me up was a book with Winnie the Pooh titled: Cooking With Pooh. Seriously? You’d think marketing would have caught that. Maybe it’s the same marketing team for the iPad? Sorry, Apple – I love you, but what were you thinking?

Anyway, I thought the article was sort of weird. And some were pretty funny. Perfect fodder for a Freaky Friday post. Enjoy. Huffington Post: Creepy Children’s Books

7 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: What’s in a Name?

  1. Hey Michelle,
    Thanks for the laugh. Naming characters is always a tricky thing to be honest. Although I do tend to look through my bookshelves and then mix author names up.

  2. tee hee. My two uncles is a so-so title (am I missing something new in the slang world) but the others should have been axed.

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