Mojo Come Home

I should be writing.

I have a great story idea and it’s mostly mapped out. It’s unique. I should be stoked and up until the wee hours hammering out words as though participating in NaNo.

Instead, all I can do is stare at the screen or out the window into the back yard. You see, Mojo has gone missing. I’ve tried getting my mind off it. Sooner or later, Mojo always turns up. But, I’m starting to get a little worried.

I’ve tried taking time away from writing. I spent a week at my sister’s in Maryland. It was great to see the family and a dear friend. When I got back, I thought that I’d be itching to be writing, and I was. But without Mojo, it’s like I’ve run out of steam. The fix, I told myself, was to do some house repairs that I had been meaning to do for some time. All I needed was feel a sense of accomplishment, jumpstart my brain after a nice vacation. Mojo will come back. Mojo is faithful and has never let me down before.

Now what? The only thing I can think of is to just power through it. Put Post-Its on mirrors, the fridge, the computer,my shoes, and even the dogs with Nike’s Just Do It slogan. I want to write. I love it. Writing has always made me feel better. Writing fiction seems the perfect antidote for times when reality gets ugly.

I’ve just got to find Mojo. Mojo was always a faithful thing, waiting curled at my feet while I wrote, inspiring me with new thoughts and ideas. Mojo was always patient, willing, and eager to start and finish any project with tenacity.

Oh well. I can only keep a light on and hope faithful Mojo returns soon. In the meantime, I’ll just start the new story alone. Good thing my family is supportive and enthusiastic – especially my sister and husband. Until Mojo’s return, it’ll have to do.

*whistles* Here, Mojo! Here girl! Come home, little Mojo. I miss you.


8 thoughts on “Mojo Come Home

  1. I feel your pain…I haven’t lost my mojo just my time…things at my day job are robbing me of my writing time…and it’s not one of those, “make time” kind of situations…if I made time, it would be at three in the morning…and by then my brain is fried and I need to sleep. But I’ve got time this weekend and I’m putting it to go use.

    Your mojo will return…just write for now…even if it doesn’t feel like it’s working out. You can always go back and fix it later.

  2. I really want to get back into writing, but the spirit is weak at the moment. I think my mojo’s been stolen at the moment or its been sapped by the plot bunnies who give me a great beginning, an ending I’d be happy with but the second act they pretty much came up empty for.

  3. Powering through is the best thing you can do. I hate to pass on something LKH said, but she said when she can’t find her muse, she sits down and types something – anything – and eventually the muse will here the clack of the keys, show up, look over her shoulder and say “We can do better than that.”

  4. Ah yes! The fickle Muse. Sometimes she can be wooed or tricked into appearing and sometimes not. It might be that she is not yet ready to grace you with her presence.But, you can sometimes trick her by writing whatever comes to mind , bad stuff and all, just keep going for a while and see if she pops in to assist you.

  5. I’m kind of there right now too. I worked so hard to get the last manuscript ready and off to betas that now I’m just a little burned out and every time I sit down to write on the novella, my brain freezes.

  6. My mojo was missing for a couple of weeks, maybe yours and mine were off partying together. I hope they had a good time, because I was pretty close to panic. It’s not often that my mojo goes wandering, and it wasn’t pretty around here!

    My mojo seems to have come home in the last couple of days, though, so I’m sure yours will, too. I’m with Danni (and I’m sure LKH learned it from SOMEONE else, so it’s okay – LOL) The key is to sit down and write … something … anything. Even if it’s cr@p and all has to be deleted down the road, it gets your brain working in the right direction.

    That’s the lot of the writer, I’m afraid.

  7. Had to laugh at this “Powering through is the best thing you can do. I hate to pass on something LKH said, but she said when she can’t find her muse, she sits down and types something – anything –”… most of the Anita Blake series, then?


    Couldn’t resist.

    Hope you find Mojo soon.

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