Ebook Sales

I follow a couple author and publishing blogs and receive condensed news in the form of email from others. Lately, ebooks have taken center stage. Be it a new ereader, price wars, or suits over piracy, it seems a day doesn’t go by without an article or an opinion on ebooks and the future they’ll shape in the publishing world.

One blog I follow, author JA Konrath, has been doing something rather interesting: offering older and formerly rejected works in the form of ebooks on Amazon. It’s been a huge success. Rather than quote him or retell the adventure in marketing and self-promotion, I thought I’d post a link so you could read and possibly follow along. JA Konrath Kindle Sales: 30k Ebooks In 11 Months

4 thoughts on “Ebook Sales

    • He’s always got some sort of advice going or something interesting to say.

      I read his and several other blogs weekly – just to get different opinions on things.

  1. Dude’s blog gets a thousand hit’s per day. Wow. No wonder he’s banking on 30K ebook sales this year. That number will only go up and up as more folks shift to ebooks. That said, I don’t equate that to e-sale success for the every-writer. He has an amazing combination of name recognition, web presence, and publishing history. If the average aspiring writer self-published his manuscript to ebook, he’ll still only sell it to his mom and a few close friends.

    • True. I don’t think this method is for the completely unknown author. But, it is interesting to see such a shift in publishing. And, I like the fact that he’s selling older, probably out of print work. That’s great extra income for authors.

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