Happy New Year! Resolution, Smesholution!

With a new year ahead, some people find it tempting to make a list of resolutions. Lists have never worked for me. In fact, nothing overly specific and measurable usually work as New Year resolutions. We drown in those with our business lives.

I hesitate to call what I do an actual resolution at all. Maybe it’s more of a personal challenge – to better myself and my life in some way. So, I tend to make more general statements. This year is the same as last year and many years before that: Make this year better than last year. It’s that simple. It’s the only resolution I’ll ever make.

Last year, I became a better writer, better dog owner, better wife, better sister, better friend. I think I succeeded. At least, I’m happy with the results. I learned more things about how the Mac OS works, extended my knowledge on applications, and a slew of little things ranging from science and nature to business and health. I became more environmentally aware. I managed our budget better. I became less cluttered and more organized. Lots of little things that I think made a big difference.

How about you? Do you think as a writer that you tend to be more list orientated or non-specific when it comes to what you want for yourself during the year? Are there things you’d like to accomplish this year?

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Resolution, Smesholution!

  1. I want to get published! I mean, I want my novel, that is being shopped around to find an editor who loves it…that is my goal this year. So I guess I need to develop a little more patience this year…that is what I will strive to do!

    I am a list maker but not for resolution type stuff…just for everyday stuff. I never find I stick by resolutions…in fact, when I quit smoking nine years ago, on New Years…it wasn’t a resolution, it was about time…if I called it a resolution I probably would have broken it by now, LOL!

    • LOL! I hear you! I’m still in the trenches of finding an agent, so I’d love to get an agent and a publisher this year. Alas, other than writing the best story I can, it’s out of my control. Sigh.

      Like you, I’m a HUGE list maker for day to day stuff. I’m sort of GTD obsessive.

  2. This year, my resolution is to avoid doctors with knives!! I think I can stick to that one. I don’t make lists generally, except for the grocery store and when packing for long trips. I do have writing goals, though and I’m already working hard to achieve them. I live and breathe those, so no list necessary!


    • Doctors with knives. Scary. I’d like to avoid all doctors if possible – what, with the health care industry going the way it is and all. That, and if I can avoid them I’m hopefully healthy.

  3. I have both general and specific goals for this year, but they basically boil down to what you said. I want 2010 to be better than 2009 in as many ways (little and big) as possible.

  4. I don’t have any big specific resolutions.

    I simply hope that there won’t be as many huge family stresses, so that I can concentrate more on my fiction. However, there’s already a big and serious new problem. Maybe it will be resolved soon.
    In the meantime, I had a letter to the editor published Jan 6 so that’s a tiny credit for the new year, LOL!

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