Books as Gifts

It’s hard to believe Christmas is next week. Luckily, I finished my shopping some time ago. As with every year, there’s always someone on my list that has asked for books (besides me).

I know the numbers are down for retail sales, but that’s not the reason there are books on mine and my family’s list. And, it isn’t just because I want to support my craft and other writers in the hopes they’ll do the same if I’m ever lucky enough to have a book sitting on the shelf. I do it because I’ve always done it. To my delight, my mother gave me books as a child. I’ve always loved them so it’s no surprise that they’ve always made it to my wish list. My sister is the same way, as is my husband.

How about you? Have you asked for books this year? Are you giving anyone else books?


12 thoughts on “Books as Gifts

  1. Yes, I always buy my mum a horoscope book every year…her request and I’m buying her an anthology of paranormal romance…just to introduce her to the genre. No one buys me books because they don’t like to take the chance…I buy a lot of books for myself during the year. Gift cards for book stores are surely going to come my way this year though!

  2. I always ask for books. Some anyway. My problem is that i buy so many during the year, that no one bothers buying me them at christmas. However, my mum will get me my traditional Terry Pratchett hardcover and my wife usually gets me a few things.

    Buying books is easy. My wife and daughter will get some, possibly my dad. But no one else in my family are big readers, so there’s no point. Which is a shame.

    • There are some people in our family that wouldn’t consider a book a good gift either. They just don’t know the worlds they’re missing! LOL!

  3. It’s pretty rare for me NOT to ask for books. This year books composed about half my list, and I’m pleased to say quite a few were by debut authors that I’ve heard good things about.

    Bought books for the hubs and both kids.

  4. Book store gift certficates are my standing wish list! I never ask for specific books, because no one, not even my husband (especially not my husband) can pick out books for me!


    • I usually have a few books I ask for, but then a gift card is always on the list as well. But, no one buys me books I don’t ask for because they aren’t certain if I’ll like it or not.

  5. Of course!

    I give books to certain people and always hope to get books, or gift certificates to bookstores. So far, I’ve received one book via post, mailed out two and have one to give to my daughter and one more to mail, when I get the correct address. . The Viking is not a reader, so I give him DVD’s. He’s a techie and has zero interest in fiction writing and that includes mine. Oh well, no one is perfect, but he is really great in other respects.

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