Series Or Single Title?

While I read both single titles and series, I tend to write books which lend themselves to series even though I try to write each ending so that it can stand alone if needed. So far, I haven’t written the second book in any of the series I’ve written, although I have a basic outline or concept of them. With two series, I’ve gone as far as book three.

How do you write? Are your ideas more series orientated? Which do you prefer to read – series or single title?

3 thoughts on “Series Or Single Title?

  1. I enjoy reading both. Series are fun because you get to learn so much more about the characters, but some of them can get tiresome.

    I tend to write in series, though. I have so much more to say, so much more that I want to happen between the characters that just won’t fit into one title. Like you, I have notes and rough outlines through book three on both of mine.

  2. I enjoy both, but I agree with Dannigrrl, sometimes series can get old.

    I’ve written both. My NaNo is a stand-alone, but after that I’m diving back into book 2 of my PRT series. Then I have this idea I’m REALLY excited about that I think I might tie very loosely to that series (same world, and some PRT characters might show up just as “extras”), but it will be a stand-alone. At least in theory.

    For me, the big thing about a series is that an author needs to have an end-game and be willing to let go. Some series that drag on too long make me wonder if the author is too afraid to try something different for fear of failing. I don’t want to be one of those, so I planned the PRT series with book #5 set up to either be a final book or a turning point, depending on how things went. Stagnancy is bad. I’d rather see an author try to shake things up than slide by for a number of novels on their name alone.

  3. I try to aim for series…because, well, I want to be able to have more than one book in a book deal ; )

    I have, however, learned that I need to stay away from the cliff-hanger ending…it’s a little too risky for publishers a lot of the time.

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