New Places, New Perspective

I just returned from a week long trip to western North Carolina. It’s been a favorite vacation spot for me for several years now. Every time I’m there, it’s a major detox. Not only is the scenery breath taking, but the people are refreshing as well. The areas I visit most often are Lake Lure, Chimney Rock, Bat Cave, Black Mountain, and Henderson. There, the people seem to have a stronger sense of community, of people. It’s like a modern day Mayberry for those old Andy Griffith fans.

The people are from all over – the eastern seaboard, out west, and the midwest. Some have lived there all their lives. What I’ve noticed in all of them is how much more laid back they are even though they work very hard. They aren’t slow. They’ve learned to pace themselves. And more importantly, I think they’ve found what is most important – they take the time to enjoy the moment and the things they have. I say this because, here in Atlanta, everyone is in a hurry. Here, fancy houses, cars, and gourmet food rules. In my vacationing corner of the world, it’s not so much about what you have, but how content you are with your lifestyle.

This always brings a fresh perspective on characters and personalities. It’s easy for me to sit in tiny coffee shops (one of which is also a real estate office), and talk to people who treat me as though I’ve been sipping brew with them for years. It’s easier still to come up with personalities and traits to combine and alter for more fictional characters – ones I hope readers will find as enjoyable as I do.

Is there a place where you find the people and the environment so enjoyable that it inspires you, not only in soul, but in your craft?


3 thoughts on “New Places, New Perspective

  1. It’s kind of crappy to have to admit this but I usually get inspired when I’m bored. So no, I don’t usually find people enjoyable…how’s that for being antisocial…

    I should say though that I don’t really surround myself with other writers and maybe I should. Maybe if I got together, in person, with people who liked what I liked I would find that inspiration…all of my friends and family are proud of me but don’t get what my passion for writing is like. Maybe it’s time I seek out some face to face encounters with people who share that passion…maybe it’s time to go to a conference!

    • I second that. I haven’t been to a convention in a few years, but they can be fun.

      Or, just go on a nice vacation and people watch. Always good for coming up with character traits/ideas.

  2. I love visiting Montreal and have used it for the setting of one story. The story is unfinished but I’ll get back to it eventually (I need another trip to Montreal, LOL!). Writer’s conferences are great! It’s been at least four years since I went to one but maybe I’ll be able to attend another one sometime in the future.

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