A Place to Write

I spent the past couple weeks trying to move my writing ‘office’ down to the basement. While I had more room to put and organize things, and it was much easier to print with the printer connected directly to my Mac rather than dealing with my impossible print server and aging printer, it didn’t work out. After three days, I moved back up to the dining room where things remain cluttered, my power cord stretches from the table to the nearest wall outlet, and I have to run downstairs whenever I print something. While I could use a tea cart to hold the printer, it clutters things even more.

I’ve written three books from the dining room table. I like the view out into the backyard. Here, the dogs often keep me company. I have a dog bed next to my chair. There’s room on the table for a dictionary and thesaurus, a couple drink coasters, my cell and home phone, headphones, backup drive, and a pencil/pen holder that’s really an empty glass candle container. At this point, I don’t know why I care about adding the printer back into the mix. I don’t even know why I just don’t move the dining room table closer to the window so my laptop’s power cord isn’t in the path of dogs, humans, or the vacuum cleaner. Maybe I could even empty out one of the china cabinet drawers and put my office supplies in there.

Hubby has wanted to get a second-hand desk for some time and put it in the front formal living room we’ve converted to a library. It’s airy and has all of our books there. But, the view is to the front of the house. It’s just not as tranquil or inspiring. Maybe I’ll move into that room… someday. But, I just don’t have an interest in watching my neighbors come and go, and I really don’t relish the idea of them looking in at me. It’s a gorgeous room – solid wood floors and a black oak bookcase. But it’d feel almost like a fish bowl. But, maybe I’ll move into it for a week and see how it goes. I can always dust off our hand-me-down card table and set up shop there for that long to see how it works out.

Where do you write?


5 thoughts on “A Place to Write

  1. Hey Michelle,
    Is there no way you can swap the library to the room at the back and have the dining room at the front? That way you can transport your stuff to your fav spot and then have the full influence of your view to aid in the writing. Perhaps dress it up as a present for yourself and a DIY project for him indoors. LOL

    All the best with the writing. My current problem is one that’s probably going to sound weird. I’m having to use a laptop and to be honest its been fine. However the U button keeps coming off and the U decides to let itself party whenever it wants and ends up in words that currently aren’t spelt that way. Its damn frustrating having to stop mid sentence to go back to fix the damn thing.

    • Unfortunately, both the library and the dining room have built it items. The library has a solid, built-in bookcase and the dining room has panels below chair rail height. Too expensive to change things around.

      I’m happy in the dining room, but it’s not the prettiest of sights when we have company. Oh well.

      Sounds like you need to either find a way to glue back that U key, or have the entire keyboard replaced – if it isn’t cost prohibitive. Some models allow you to snap the key back into place while others it’s impossible to do anything other than replace the whole keyboard.

      If you’re up for a challenge, you can even replace it yourself. You’d have to get the replacement kit from the manufacturer, and it involves opening the case, but it’s not to hard to do. Still, not exactly fun times.

  2. If I had a window in front of me, I’d never get anything written! I write mostly on my laptop, even though I do have an office with a desk, my desktop computer, two printers and a bunch of shelves. But especially since my back surgery (which was SUPPOSED to make everything better) I can’t sit at my desk, so I’ve gotten in the habit of taking my laptop with me throughout the house. I actually have three separate cords plugged into sockets in my office, my bedroom and my living room so I can plug in wherever I am. My printer is wireless, so I can print from wherever, although I don’t print anywhere near as much stuff as I used to.

    And at least a hour most days, I’m sitting at a Starbuck’s or bookstore with my hubby — he’s reading the Wall Street Journal and I’m writing.


  3. I have an office that changes everytime I move, but i always have my corner desk so that stays the same 🙂

    Maybe you could put your kitchen table in the library and eat there… then you could have the ktichen to yourself?

  4. My writing space is in one corner of my living room and if I turn my head to the side I can look out the windows at the bare tree tops. . It’s in a highly visible area, and often untidy. So, now I have stuck a very large cork bulletin board between the filing cabinet, which is next to the desk, and the television which is next to the filing cabinet. Now when I open the front door, people can’t see my desk. I like that.

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