The Economy & Books

We’re all cutting back and spending less these days. One of the things I miss the most is the amount of time spent in bookstores. Hubby and I both share a love of reading, and we’d spend hours at B&N and come out of there with several books each. Now, it’s only a couple.

We haven’t cut back on how much we read. In fact, I think we’re reading more since we’re going out less. Our budget is really tight, so we’ve had to find other ways to get our reading fix. We shop Amazon more because the prices are usually cheaper for best sellers. We still go through the brick and mortar stores, but we tend to give the sale shelves most of our attention. I visit the local library several times a month. And speaking of, wow! Is the library ever crowded these days! There are titles I’m still on the waiting list for, even after two months. I’m not complaining, though. I’m happy to see so many people at the library. There are book clubs meeting there, kid’s reading hours – all kinds of events.

Still, when it comes to spending, Amazon is still our go-to place. In fact, we just bought three books there this morning. A friend admits she’s buying a LOT more books these days since she got her Kindle. Another friend says sales of her book on Amazon is doing quite well (check out D.B. Reynold’s RAPHAEL) .

Author J.A. Konrath is all over the net with his study on book sales and Kindle downloads. You can find his take here. In a nut shell, he’s selling more of a few titles of his books on Amazon’s Kindle list than he’s giving away on his site. Like everyone else, I find his study intriguing, even if no real hard facts and figures come of it. Check it out if you haven’t already.

So, with all the cut backs, are people starting to read more? Granted, I’ve always thought books gave people the best bang for their buck when it comes to entertainment. But, are people staying out of the malls, the movie theaters, arcades, restaurants, airports, etc. and staying home with a good book? What do you think? Has the economy changed your book buying or reading habits?


4 thoughts on “The Economy & Books

  1. To be honest my book reading is still pretty high but the purchase of books is something that has to be watched carefully. However unlike a lot of people I don’t go out much, I’m not a real drinker and I no longer smoke so I suppose reading is my only vice.

    I know what you mean about keeping an eye on prices though, I do tend to check whats what with whom however I also do that with the shopping. Whilst I used to do all my shopping at just the one place I now go to two or three to make sure I get the best deal (on foot so its really not costing me more to get to them.)

  2. I don’t have a lot of vices, so no, my book buying has changed minimally. However, I’m much less likely to buy something just on a recommendation. I’ll go to the library to test drive a series or author first. I shop sales & with coupons, but I always did that.

    The movies are still pretty crowded here, as is our mall. But I think more and more people are treating the mall the way we usually do – window shopping and not necessarily buying.

    Books are a great investment though – last longer than a movie, can be passed from one person to another, prolonging their entertainment value, and can be enjoyed over and over by the same person. Every time someone says something about the end of publishing, I shake my head. The end of the status quo in publishing may be on the horizon, but books will keep being written and bought and loved.

  3. Well the economy hasn’t hit me personally yet (knock on wood), so my personal spending habits haven’t changed much. That said, I’m probably not a big promoter of the book economy, since I’m a library fiend! I’ve always been careful with my book purchases – and often buy used!

    (I think I am, however, supporting my favourite used book store quite well!)

  4. I’m trying to make sure I’m buying most of my books new because of the economy. Supporting the industry and all that.

    I love books, but I’m on a budget, and while it’s summer my outdoor activities are taking precedence. I’ll probably pick up the book buying again once November or December rolls around and the weather isn’t so nice.

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