The Pain of Seemless Editing

Editing. Writers either love it or hate it. I love it. Now, that’s not to say it comes easily or that I don’t have to gnash teeth and deal with bouts of insomnia while editing. I do. Boy, do I ever. But I just enjoy the finished product so much, to see how the characters and story and words fit together.

My goal as a writer? To make everything about the editing process seem like an illusion. The reader shouldn’t care what I’ve changed, what scenes I’ve cut, or how many sleepless nights I’ve endured so they can visualize a fictional world. That’s the beauty of writing – in the end, it’s magic when it all comes together.

It’s sort of like this video…

8 thoughts on “The Pain of Seemless Editing

  1. I don’t love or hate the editing process. I more or less view it at a necessity. Sometimes it is fun, but those (for me) are the edit-as-you-go kind. Those A-HA moments where you find ways to tie things together better or make them tighter or insert a subplot. Edits like that rock my world. The others are just kind of ‘eh’. I don’t mind doing them, but I don’t get all excited or warm & fuzzy or anything like that 😉

  2. LOL yeah the magic of writing is definitely the ability to misdirect the reader so I suppose its the ability to weave an illusion from the first part leading up to the grand finale. Funnily enough I’ve figured my finale out and its going to be quite an epic thing (at least thats the way it feels at the mo.)

    However I plan to get it written first so that I can then work on other scenes and build from there. Its crystal clear at the mo so I think its a good thing to do. The question is, when its done do I post it for critiquing or do I keep it hidden until the rest of the story’s done?

    • Yep. Easy reading gives the reader the illusion of easy writing. We know it’s not true! LOL!

      I say I’d wait until you get a few chapters in from the beginning. Then post. You’re talking about Kelley’s board, right? Otherwise, you could pass the concept along to a beta or crit partner. I did that with my current WIP. While I loved the idea, I wondered if I’d gone too far, so I got a valued crit partner opinion on the very raw first chapter.

      If you’ve got someone in mind over at Kelley’s site, PM them. I’m sure they’ll be happy to look at something rough to give you an idea!

  3. I love editing if it isn’t my work :p I tend to find it easier to edit other people’s work. When it comes to mine, I still have trouble with self editing as I write so the whole process just frustrates me.

    I’ve gotten better with editing my work, but it’s still going to take some time before I start loving editing my own stuff.

    ~ Popin

  4. Wacky video…

    I like and dislike editing. It’s a love hate thing. I love how it turns out (amazingly enough since it’s my writing) and hate doing it.

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