A Life Outside Writing

While I’m still behind in updating my blog, I’m ahead in my current work in progress. So much so that I’ve taken some time to enjoy… life.

Lately, I’ve been at my computer just about every spare moment. What can I say? When I get this close to finishing a draft, I tend to work harder. But, I’ve taken a few evenings off, and even two Saturdays in a row.

After a very successful evening writing, I decided I’d earned some much needed down time. Hubby and I went to see a few movies the past eight days: Angels & Demons, Star Trek, and Terminator. I’ve also enjoyed a little time with three other hobbies: My dogs, photography, and computers. I said a few weeks ago that to breathe life into our stories and our characters we have to experience life. Tomorrow, when I get back to the work in progress, I think I’ll be all the better for it.


5 thoughts on “A Life Outside Writing

  1. Star Trek! Was that a great film, or what? I’m going to trying and find time to slip away and see Terminator this week — sometime during the day while all the kiddies are still in school, for a while yet anyway. Another week or so, and there will be no peace in the theaters at all. LOL

    But, Star Trek! Was that a great film or WHAT?????

    • It was awesome! Out of the three, Star Trek was my favorite. Angels & Demons second, Terminator third.

      Hubby is anxiously waiting for the next Transformers movie. I’m on count down to the next Harry Potter.

  2. Life is necessary for everyone sometimes. Maybe that’s what I need for the new book to get in gear – downtime. Gonna be a whiile LOL, I’ll just keep pulling words out painfully one at a time. I’m glad to hear you are doing so well though 😀

    • Yes, it really is necessary. My problem is that sometimes, I just get too wrapped up in a project that I don’t let go until it’s done. Not good.

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