Ideas That Shine

I’ve been neglectful of my blog the past month. Partly, because my personal life has been a bit hectic. But mostly, it’s because of my current work in progress.

Four weeks ago, while 23,000 words into another manuscript, I came across an idea that wouldn’t let go. All you writers out there know the ones – they start out with an idea that quickly turns into a million ‘what-ifs.’ The story consumes you. Sleep doesn’t come easy. The story and the characters invade your mind and soon, there’s such excitement that you just have to stop everything and at least hammer out a high-level outline. Snippets are next.

And they just keep coming! That turns into just the first chapter. And another, and another. You go back and read them and they just… shine. Like most writers, even the best ideas are suspect. We look back and think, “Not bad, but is it good enough?” Writers are always full of self-doubt when it comes to a WIP. It’s the ones that you go back and the whole concept, the whole feel of it has you thinking, “Damn!” And you read it several times over wondering if that glitter you see if real gold. Unquestionably, it is. Now, it’s just a matter of Can you pull this off? Are you good enough to write this?

That’s when you start to wonder if you’re really onto something.

I think I am. I really do. I threw the first few chapters past a couple critique partners asking their opinions on such a story and how I’d presented it. They’re honest, which is why I adore them so much. And both of them loved the idea as much as I did. The world building on this story has been rather thrilling to work on. The characters, despite the problems they face have kept me intrigued. The plot and subplots are well-rounded and compliment the characters and their world. I had a blast writing the last story I finished – it’s pure story, was loads of fun to write, and hopefully, to read. The story and the characters made me smile and laugh – and they still do. I love every one of them through and through.

And this story? Apocalyptic dystopian YA with a twist to be blunt, but still redeeming in the end. Edgy for sure. It feels somewhere between commercial and literary. This story has challenged me to write a bit differently than I normally do, including voice and style, which in itself is exciting – I’m growing as a writer and I’m loving every minute of it. What writer doesn’t like to take their abilities to the next level?

With some effort, I’ll have the first draft complete by mid June. There’s a bit of work after that to ensure I’ve captured and maintained that first chapter’s voice, but it’ll be worth every ounce of effort. I’m looking forward to the weekends, early mornings, and late nights. I hope I can do this story justice. I hope I can become the writer it needs.

And so, dear reader, I’ve been neglectful. I know every writer out there understands. Right?


8 thoughts on “Ideas That Shine

  1. LOL, yeah I know the feeling, you can be pootling along on a plot idea and all of a sudden get smacked around the face by an idea with a wet fish. It sneaks around and hides, it jumps out on you in bed. They send the Ninja bunnies in to attack you when it looks like you’re about to fall asleep and all of a sudden your sat up thinking what the hell?

    ITs worrying sometimes but at others theres a comfort there that just isn’t available in your current work.

    Hope it helps.

  2. Yep. I was assaulted by a short story idea while getting notes together for the next draft of my novel. All the best with your new work – hope it shines from first page to last sentence.

  3. Thanks, Diane! I hope it does, too.

    Gareth – I’m just glad I was only 23k into the other WIP. I’ll go back to that one after I finish this.

  4. Every writer understands. I’m in the midst of a massive WIP myself that is just haunting me with its disorganization! I’m a compulsively neat person, so It’s distressful to work on something that refuses to follow a neat line!


    But the ideas keep coming and in the back of my head, there’s a voice saying it wil all work out in the end. If only I knew who that voice was, I might have more confidence in it! LOL


  5. As of tonight, the muse is back. It’s rockin’! In less than an hour, I’ve put down 1600 words.

    I think the rest of this story is just going to pour from me.

  6. Sounds really interesting, Michelle 😀 And yes, we all know those characters and stories that grab you and won’t let go. And congrats on the mad wordage! I wish Cass would work with my brain well enough to pull that off.

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