I couldn’t eek out another word in my current WIP the other night. So, I did what I rarely do – curl up on the couch and flip channels. I came across a show on Animal Planet on giant rats. Being the horror fan that I am, I watched. Hey, anything for a little research on the creepy, right? I’m not squeamish when it comes to rodents, but I have to say the show caught my attention.

Apparently, there are two non-native species of rat that are invading certain areas of the country. One, Nutrias, have nasty tempers and grow to be around 25 pounds! They mostly dwell in New Orleans. If you click on the link, you also see that some consider the rat a tasty dinner.

The second rat, a Gambian Pouch rat, grows to around 8 pounds. Currently, they’re running loose on Grass Key in Florida, but they’ve recently been spotted as far as New Jersey.

How’s that for creep factor? Giant rats.

2 thoughts on “Ratzillas

  1. Ugh. Giant rats. As if the small ones weren’t bad enough. I saw a program (somewhere, who remembers where?) about nutria. Basically, the host went on a nutria hunt with some game wardens or something. It was like shooting ducks in a barrel, or however that saying goes. There were so many of them and these guys were all sharpshooters. They’d shine the light, the stupid nutria would just stare back and them and boom. One dead nutria.


    I live in a canyon near L.A. Our small neighborhood is surrounded by undeveloped canyon, which is a great part of its appeal. But it also means we live with nature. Which means rodents. Which means field rats. I’m fine as long as they stay OUTSIDE! Which they mostly do, because I’ve screened off every possible entrance for the little suckers.

    I HATE rats.

  2. That is creepy. I’m familiar (sort of and not in a personal way) of the New Orleans rats, but ugh. Hell, the smaller ones outweigh two of my three cats and the New Orleans rats outweigh my big cat. *shudders*

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