What Scares You?

My mother was afraid of heights and cockroaches. A former coworker admitted he was absolutely terrified of clowns. A friend is so afraid of snakes that she can’t even touch a drawn image of one. I’ve known a few people who are afraid of flying.

Me? Spiders. They’re not right. Eight-legged things that suck the juices out of their prey. Spindly. Tarantulas that throw their hair into your skin like barbs. And what’s with all those eyes when a lot of spiders are blind? I smashed a wolf spider once and a hundred babies ran from her back. And have you ever walked into a spider web? Ewww! Yuck!

So, what scares you? While we know vampires, werewolves, and mummies don’t exist, do they scare you? Demons? How about zombies? Maybe it’s Snape. Snape dressed in Neville Longbottom’s grandmother’s clothing. Hey, just sayin.’

Okay, maybe it’s real life stuff. Bats? Dogs? Cats? Rats? Dark basements? I’ve read some people are afraid of birds. Are you afraid when the lights go out? How about closed spaces like closets, coffins, or stopped elevators? Death?

Tell me what scares you. No fair using the economy because that scares everyone.


16 thoughts on “What Scares You?

  1. Voicemails from people I don’t know inviting me to a restaurant that’s been closed for years. (see my email). 🙂

    Seriously? I am terrified of having a serious illness. I’ve been through so much of that with family – I get freaked out at the thought of hospitals and tests.

  2. <>

    THAT would have freaked me out.

    I’m not afraid of spiders, but I do HATE them. And we live in a very spidery environment. But I don’t run and scream, I just kill them all!

    As for what scares me? If I tell you, then when the aliens come and take over the Earth, they’ll know what to torture me with to get all of my secrets.

    So I won’t tell you what REALLY scares me, but I will tell you I’m totally claustrophobic. Elevators are okay, as long as they’re not crowded. I’ve been known to wait and wait until an empty elevator shows up. And when I have an MRI, even the so-called “open” MRI, I’m totally stressed. I have to go to the quiet place in my head and pretend I’m somewhere else. I tell the tech not to talk to me at all, because he’ll remind me I’m not really in my quiet place. Plus, I’m a sound editor, so I when I answer his question, I can hear the reverb of my voice off of that giant piece of machinery which is only INCHES away from my face. ::shudder::

  3. “While we know vampires, werewolves, and mummies don’t exist, ”

    They don’t? Damn…


    Yeah, getting a VM invite to a closed restaurant would freak me out too.

    What scares me… umm… The thought of losing my kittens in some tragic accident. That scares me. I’m attached to my kittens. They’re my family.

    Other things. Meal worms… ewww. I mean I guess they don’t scare me so much anymore, but I find them horribly gross.

  4. Errmm, what scares me, the last time I got a fright was when a Bat was flying round my bedroom. It appeared from nowhere and was flapping near my face. When it moved away I figured out what it was, closed my bedroom door, opened the window and got down low until it flew out.

    I don’t think theres much that genuinely scares me other than heights.

  5. The dark. I don’t like not knowing what lurks in the corners and since I have an overactive imagination, I tend to think up some pretty crazy things which only serve to freak me out even more.

    ~ Popin

  6. spiders make me shudder but they’re not the stuff of my nightmares.
    I used to be frightened of ghosts but, since I did an investigation in a haunted place and have been in one or two other haunted places I’m not so fussed. I guess, of the “supernatural” things, demons would scare me.
    What frightens me is ‘end of the world’ stuff, whether it’s being sucked into a singularity, a solar storm, meteorite or, worst of all … a nuclear holocaust.

  7. Cellars. And Vampires.

    My earliest nightmare memory was of a vampire chasing me through some huge castle with wooden stairwell-handholders.

    They freak me out every time.

    (oneidii from AW *waves)

  8. AW buddies!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Castle, the dark, and vampires. Yeah, that’d be creepy. Cellars. Yep. Gotta agree on that one. When I was young, I hated going into our basement. There wasn’t a light until you got all the way down the stairs. Even then, it was around the corner, so you had to feel along the wall in the dark.

    Fire. My dad always had us unplug everything before leaving the house. He was always concerned a fire would break out.

    End of the world stuff. I guess if I survived a nuke blast I’d be REALLY freaked out. I don’t think I’d like to be around for that.

    Bats? I’d freak if it woke me up and was in the house, that’s for sure! We have brown bats where we live, and I love to sit on the back deck and watch them swoop and dive for insects. Some fly within a foot or so of me.

    Insects, other than spiders don’t scare me. Flies gross me out because I know they vomit on their food in order to digest it. So, the thought of where a fly has been, and why it’s on my toothbrush or food just makes me gag.

  9. Let’s see. Crawling through a very tight space into the dark–IOW, caving. Also, the idea of someone inflicting pain on me, probably more while being menaced than while in the actual pain.

    (dawinsor from AW)

  10. Snakes, small spaces, and falling. So, you won’t see me being pushed out of an airplane inside a small crate full of snakes anytime soon. I’ll leave that stuff to David Blaine and Cris Angel.

  11. Crap. Okay, Deb. If that wasn’t so funny, it’d be uh, well. Weird. So, you didn’t watch Snakes on a Plane?

    And I hear you laughing and saying, “Oh yeah? I bet you never watched Eight Legged Freaks.”

    Damn skippy I didn’t. I couldn’t even watch Charlotte’s Web.

  12. Snakes on a Plane? Uh, that would be a definitive NO. If I see that movie, I will never fly again. That’s a promise. If Netflix were to send it by accident, I would probably freak reading the label. Dare I mention that gummy worms are just wrong?

    I’m also a little creeped out by one of our ceiling fans that comes on by itself (sometimes just the light part, sometimes just the fan, sometimes both) and that our oven sometimes beeps in some sort of morse code-type pattern causing one of us to flip the breaker to turn it off. It’s a good thing we have other appliances or we would be forced to eat out more often.

  13. Anyone messing with my head. Hypnotism, mind control, telepathic suggestions. Completely and totally freaks me out. So much so that I’ve never written a villain who does that, even tho I write horror.

    Spiders. Wolf spiders. Aagghh.

  14. LOL, you’ll be fine if you blend it with some of the silly films out there. For example Flight of the Living Dead (yep, Zombies on a plane.) And there is Snakes on a Train.

    Lets just say that if there is a really dodgy rip off low budget movie coming out, the odds are I’ll end up watching it as my brother has a real weakness for them.

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