An Interview With Vampire Novelist D.B. Reynolds

Last week, author Jack Kilborn stopped by to talk about his new book, AFRAID and how not to self-publish. Today, I have the honor of author D.B. Reynolds who talks about writing, getting published, and one of everyone’s favorite characters – vampires. Her debut book, RAPHAEL, went on sale March 31. Power, true love, and old-world traditions make RAPHAEL a stunning read. Thanks for the interview, Donna!

Can you tell us how you came up with the idea for Raphael?

It was the opening scene that hit me first. The young vampire female playing the piano when a pack of vicious humans invades and kidnaps her. And she says, “he’ll kill you.” And she’s talking about her protector, a beautiful, powerful vampire who will spare no one in his search for vengeance. It was her absolute certainty in the outcome that appealed to me. And that was RAPHAEL.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I love to hear THE CALL stories. Can you tell us your story?’

It wasn’t a call it was an e-mail. I was checking my e-mail late at night, kind of a last minute thing before going to sleep, and there was the e-mail from Linda at ImaJinn Books. My heart kind of sank because I immediately thought, another rejection. As a writer, you get so used to rejections that when the good news comes, it’s a real shock. I opened the e-mail and just sort of stared at it a while. My husband saw the look on my face and asked what was wrong. He figured something awful had happened. LOL

How long did RAPHAEL took to write? Where there any spots that were more difficult to write than others?

This book went fast. It was my NaNoWriMo project a few years ago. I held off writing until November 1 and by the time I started writing, I had so many of the scenes packed into my head and on the outline that the book just flowed. There really wasn’t a “hard part” to this book. Ask me about the other books and I can tell you plenty of stories, though.

Do you have other books coming out?

After RAPHAEL will come JABRIL in July 2009. JABRIL continues the story of Raphael and Cyn, and introduces a new vampire lord named Jabril Karim. He controls the Southern United States from his lair outside Houston, Texas, and he’s pure evil. He manipulated the legal system, which means he bribed the right judge, to make himself the sole guardian of two very rich little girls – he was a business partner with their parents when the parents died in a car accident. Those little girls have grown up now, and Jabril wants to make sure he controls them and their money forever. He’s already turned the oldest one into a vampire, and now he’s after the younger one who’s about to turn eighteen. When she runs away to escape him, Jabril calls Cyn to help him find her. But Cyn sees what’s going on and decides to rescue BOTH girls from Jabril’s slimy clutches. Her search for the runaway takes her right back to L.A. and into Raphael’s arms, because she’ll need his help in protecting the two vulnerable young women from the powerful Southern Vampire Lord. What Cyn doesn’t realize until it’s too late is that Jabril has decided to make her pay the ultimate price for going against him.

We all love vampires. What about vampires fascinates you the most? The least?

The most fascinating thing I guess would be their dark sexuality, their ultimate bad boyness. Of course, the whole idea of a sexy, sensuous vampire is the creation of authors like me. There are plenty of books out there where the vampires are monsters. And the least fascinating thing would be the actual drinking of blood. I mean … yuck.

Vampire stories seem to out-sell every other supernatural story out there. Why do you think people are so attracted to vampires?

For women, I think it’s the bad boy quality I mentioned earlier, the idea of taking someone so powerful and potentially lethal and turning them into a sensuous lover. Guys tend to like the old vampire stories better, with lots of dark corners and violence. I like to think my vampires are a combination of both. I wanted them to be true to the old mythology of Vampire – violent, blood thirsty and coldly practical, but with a sensuous sexuality that makes them such successful predators against humans.

Congratulations on your new book, Donna! Where can readers buy RAPHAEL?

RAPHAEL is available from right now. It will also be available at independent book stores and at by the middle of April.

Where can readers find out more about your books?

I have a blog at There’s information about my current and future titles, creepy facts I dig out from obscure places, and I have a monthly contest where I give away books,gift certificates, and whatever else I can think of.

7 thoughts on “An Interview With Vampire Novelist D.B. Reynolds

  1. Ooh – can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Waiting for Amazon! Sounds great – especially like the idea of Cyn being a former cop turned PI. Enjoy reading about strong female leads. 😀

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