Happy Holidays!

I’m breaking my original word about this blog and posting something more personal. Plans around our house for the holidays? Blissful nothing! It’s just hubby and the dogs for me since our family lives elsewhere. Well, there’s one thing we’ve got planned and I can’t resist adding some humor to the story. In honor of Marley & Me which comes out in theaters tomorrow, I have my own dog story to tell. We got our youngest dog the week after Thanksgiving two years ago. He was developing nicely, except that his left testicle hadn’t descended. So, when we took Ronan (a.k.a. The Ronanator) to the vet just after Christmas for his final round of puppy shots the vet asked what we had planned for New Years. Without hesitation I answered her. “We’ll be sitting around waiting for Ronan’s other ball to drop.”

This year, Ronan gets neutered, so I suppose for New Year both of Ronan’s balls are dropping. Yeah, sick humor. I’m sure Ronan won’t find it so amusing.

But seriously, I’m on vacation from the paying job until January 5th. There’s a huge list of household tasks to do since I ignored them most of the year in favor of writing. I’m already thinking of which evil home ownership tasks I can push out again since I’m eager to get back to an adult urban fantasy novel I’ve been working on. And, despite that I wanted to finish the current book before I started work on the second in the series of a YA I outlined a few weeks ago, I can’t stop thinking about all the characters I’ve come to know and love. I had such fun writing it and I already miss spending time with the characters. In fact, one of the characters popped into my head at around five in the morning with an idea for her own book. It’s not likely I’ll start it anytime soon since there is yet another adult urban fantasy story that I want to write after the second YA.

My New Year’s wish? More writing time and a for the economy to get better. I also wish my little Ronanator a speedy recovery.

What’s Playing On The iPod:
The Chimney Song by Bob Rivers Comedy Group
Window On The World by Jimmy Buffet
Turn It On Again by Genesis

What I’m Reading:
Lean, Mean, Thirteen by Janet Evanovich, and a really good MS from a crit partner – she’ll be shopping it soon. Good luck, Donna!


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