Buy Books For The Holidays

For those following agent blogs, Publisher’s Weekly, on-line newspapers and the like, you’ve probably read how bleak the publishing industry has become.

What does it mean for books? Are we looking at the end of the printed page? Nah! Certainly, we’ll see fewer books published and smaller print runs, but people will still buy books. There will be change, too. There’s nothing wrong with reading a book on an e-reader or listening to one on an iPod. I know that with my hectic schedule I tend to listen to a good number of books while commuting, doing chores, or walking the dogs. Of course, there is nothing like curling up with the printed page so I always have one on hand to read as well. Sometimes two.

All that said, buy books for gifts. Books are a great way to escape a stressful day or week and are economical forms of entertainment. Give children the gift of books and open up entire worlds to them. Reading is more than just fun – it’s educational.

Good books lift spirits, make people laugh, smile, gasp. A good book lets us escape the bad news about the economy and drift into another world. An engaging book is brain candy. Sure beats a pair of socks or a new tie, doesn’t it?

Are you buying books for gifts this year? My answer? Already done. Lots of books.

Quote: For me, a page of good prose is where one hears the rain and the noise of the battle. ~John Cheever


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