Q: Will you answer my email?

A: Maybe. Please look over the FAQs first and if you still have questions, I’ll do my best to answer your email. I do/have answered questions about writing, my books, and most things on a professional level.

Q: Who is your agent?

A: Scott Miller at Trident Media Group.

Q: Do you really have a Beelzepup?

A: Yes. His name is Ronan, and his real breed is called a Shikoku. We just call him a Beezlepup for so many, many reasons. The character Devlin in The Book of Lost Souls is the only fictional character in my books with a real life counter part.


Q: Will there be a sequel to The Book of Lost Souls?

A: Eventually, yes. Since I don’t write cliffhangers, I think readers will be content with the current book’s ending.

Q: Will there be a sequel to Don’t Fear the Reaper?

A: Yes. Again, I’ll have more information available after the release of my next novel.

Q; A new book? What’s it about?

A: It’s an adult/new adult urban fantasy. The publisher, Skyscape, is looking for a February release date. Watch my blog for updates (coming soon!).

Q: Is there a sequel to The Haunting Season?

A:  I’ve been asked this a lot recently. While The Haunting Season was written as a stand alone novel, I might consider writing another story with one or more of the same characters. I just haven’t completely decided yet.


Q: Do you do interviews or contest giveaways?

A: Yes. If you’re an author or reviewer with a blog, contact me. Note that I only donate ebooks to contests, via Smashwords in Kindle or epub format.

Q: Do you do guest posts?

A: Rarely. Between social media, marketing, and answering emails, posts for the Indie Chicks and for The Indelibles, I think the best use of my time is writing the next book and spending time with my family. I hope you agree.


Q: Will you review my book?

A:. No. I’m a writer, not a reviewer. If I’m reviewing, I’m not writing.

Q: I’m writing a book. Will you beta read for me? Will you be my crit partner?

A: Sorry. I already have the world’s best betas and critique partners and I’m not taking on any more of them.

Q: I’m writing a book. Any advice?

A: Keep writing. Rewrite. Revise. Get beta readers and critique partners that are not comprised of family or personal friends.


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